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Minot, ND Doulas

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Minot Mommas.. I need your help!!

I am 35 weeks pregnant, and having a really hard time finding a local doula. A dear friend from Ohio was going to try and fly in to help me, but due to a family emergency she is not able to make it, and it's down to crunch time! When I asked my midwives, they only had 2 suggestions.. one of whom is not willing/able and another who I would love to have attend my birth, but she is also scheduled to help another Momma at the same time and I'd hate to overfill her plate. Anyone with any contact info PLEASE PM me ASAP! We are a military family very far from home, and will have no help from family when our first baby is born!

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Hi Sarah- I just happened to come across this message and I am not sure if you have had your baby yet or found a doula but I am going through the courses right now to become a doula. I live in the Minot area.  If you haven't found anyone and need someone I could maybe help you.


My email is j_rakness@hotmail.com

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