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Oh, this one is so pretty! My hair is blonde and thick but very fine and would probably have to have some dirt texture in it to stay up. Maybe good for a no shower day?



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I have two lazy looks - actually the same look, just in different places on my head. :p I have sittable-on-length hair. Look One: I flip my head upside down, brush it towards the top of my head, and then make an off-centre cinnabun, then flip the next-to-biggest loop over the others and... sort of jiggle it... until it looks nice and symmetrical, then affix to scalp with hairsticks. It's hard to describe, but looks quite pretty - not severe like cinnabuns do (at least on me!), but vaguely like I've done something clever involving winding or weaving hair, which I haven't.


Look Two, which is faster (ie. lazier): Do the same thing at the nape of my neck. The bad news is, my hair looks awful from the front this way (I don't look good either with hair pulled flat back, or with a part... or bangs!), but that's OK - I put on my trusty cheese hat and face the world. As long as DD doesn't unexpectedly pull my hat off, I look just fine.


Unfortunately my most flattering hairstyle is a crown braid, which takes a bit of doing. I'm pretty sure I didn't wear one of those for a good year after DD was born. I wore twin Dutch braids at the birth centre, though, pinned into a bun I think... I got a compliment from the lactation consultant. :p


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I say go for the pixie cut. I love how easy it is to take care of short hair and it's really only when I don't have to deal with all the long hair maintenance that I feel like I have time to spend on the other things - make-up, eyebrows, clothing, nails, feet - that make me feel feminine.
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I think a pixie cut (or any other short hair) only works if you have a REALLY pretty face. i don't know what you look like obviously so that's not a comment on you specifically. Just I think short hair looks so 'blah' otherwise.
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I have long, thin, straight hair that I've pretty much given up on and just wear hats wherever I go. I've recently decided to dread it, so I'm all about drastic changes in hairstyle lol!


Maybe start with a shorter cut, see how you like it and if you do go even shorter? That way if you don't like it short it won't take as long to grow out.

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Originally Posted by peainthepod View Post

Oh, this one is so pretty! My hair is blonde and thick but very fine and would probably have to have some dirt texture in it to stay up. Maybe good for a no shower day?



ooohhh...that IS pretty!  I think I could manage that straight out of the shower.


My hair is super thick, slightly wavey, and pretty coarse.  I've had short hair before, but not as short as a pixie.  My hair tends to grow thick before it grows long iykwim...so my hair gets pretty poofy when it's short unless I make frequent trips to the salon to get it trimmed and thinned out.



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I just deal with the hair tugging.  My hair is bra strap length right now, but it has some cute layers in it and I've got a lot of natural curl.  On lazy days, I just let my hair curl up naturally and then pin each side back.  On days when I feel like doing something with it (which is frequently since I work), I dry it and take a flat iron to it.  I do lots of different stuff with it when it has been straightened, but I can't do braids.  Which is a total bummer b/c I really want to!  But the layers cause little hairs to stick out from the braids and it looks silly.

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I did the pixie cut after DS and I was sooooo sorry I did.  I was going for a Sharon Stone kind of look, but since I don't have Sharon Stone's face it came out more - nun without the veil!  I had a slightly longer short cut before that which just took forever to style since my hair is super straight and fine.  I vowed not to cut my hair this time (DD is 8mos) and I'm in the same boat -  pulled back in a pony due to the hair pulling thing.  I hate it when she grabs the fine stragglers at the nape of my neck, so I also wear one of those elastic hair bands...nice.  I'm going to get some of those clippy things to do the twist and clip style.  It may be so yesteryear but I think a bit more exciting then what I've got going now.


You may be able to carry off the look if you are super thin and have some texture to your hair.  Post some pics!

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I keep trying to find pics of the clips im talking about, with no luck, UGH!  But this is what I do.  I do it on dry hair or wet hair, half up and down or all up.  Its easy, fast, and looks like I actually tried to do something with my hair when actually I didnt have to do much of anything. (PS, nevermind the blue flower, it was cinco de mayo lol)


blonde again 2.jpg


All you have to do is take the section of hair you what up, twist it like you would if you were using a butterfly clip/comb, and slide the clip underneath, slip it down, abd pull the long strands out to each side.  Heres a few from a weekend that I did nothing with my hair, but hate putting it in ponytails. 

kisses for mama again.JPG

my turn my turn!.JPG


I also find that bangs can really spice up a long hair style. 

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Originally Posted by AverysMomma View Post

Oh, a ponytail gettin' boring for you, eh? Well, I have haggard cave woman hair. It's a really easy look and can be yours in no time at all. Just stop showering but once every few days (if at all, really) and keep throwing it back in a loose, crappy bun. Don't worry about the long stringy pieces that come out of the bun...after a while they will become so crusted over with food, saliva and the disgusting $2 gel you occasionally throw into the mix, that they will not look like hair at all! Rather, they will take on the appearance of extra arms, sort of like tentacles, coming off of your head. They can even be used, in the later stags of this process, to hang things you need to keep handy...pens, spoons, etc. This may be alarming to your children, but then, if they're scared, they won't be pulling on them, will they? ;)


Trust me, ladies, I've been rocking this look for months. Sometimes I get weird looks, but nobody messes with me in public. It may even act as a crime deterrent, who knows...but it seems that people are much more courteous in the store, letting me go first and such. It's true that at first my husband would recoil, hiss and crouch behind things at the sight of my hair, especially if it caught him off guard, but at this point he's all but forgotten the soft, luscious curls I once had and I really think everything is gonna be alright. dreads.gif


You and I have the same hair ROTFLMAO.gif


I occasionally 'fix' mine, meaning I brush it, and possibly go over it with a flat iron. Otherwise, I am cavewoman all the way. And this is with waist length hair.


Unfortunately, short hair looks AWFUL on me. I've tried it, twice, and both times regretted it. Believe it or not, I look better as a cavewoman dizzy.gif

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You've gotten some great ideas.  Along with some comic relief.  Here's what I did/do.  I have long hair (middle of my back; it has been as long as my waist).  I wear it in a low ponytail now.  It's been in a high bun, a low bun, a French twist, high ponytail at various times.  I wash about once a week (less in the winter, more in the summer).  I like long hair and never seem to remember to get it cut so it stays long.  Last time I had it cut was for my nephew's wedding 2 years ago.  Like my glasses, my kids learned to not mess with my  hair even when they were on my back.  But it didn't happen over night.  And I learned to outlast the hair pulling/twisting stage by remembering it doesn't last all that long.  It just seems to.

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I just cut my hair really short, chin-length. I love it. I had the girl at Supercuts ($12) cut it purposely 'messy'. All I do is wash it (every 3+ days) and let it air dry. Maybe it doesn't look amazing, but I know it looks wayyy better than the dirty ponytail I had for 3 years.

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hi, I'm 6 foot, 135 too! I used to have really long hair and I would wear it up in a pony tail and then braid it, then the next day,  when the braid was getting messy, i would put it into a messy bun. but then i decided to live on the road for a while so I got my hair cut really short, since I wouldn't be able to shower as much. i do enjoy it short, but now that i'm back in a house, i'm growing it out. while i almost always wear it up, i like the option of having it long. though it is more work when it's long, because I have curly hair and it gets super tangled if i don't stay on top of the washing and combing/brushing. oh i don't use shampoo or conditioner or any hair care products, and i think that has improved my hair a lot. :)

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I have long hair, almost waist length and I did make the mistake of cutting it shoulder length when dd was a baby.  I regretted that since it takes so long to grow back and my hair grows slower now that I'm older.  Anyways, if you have long hair, there is a whole world of hair toys out there just waiting to be discovered.  Hair sticks, forks, combs, etc. that make it very easy to wrap up long hair. It keeps it tangle free and protected from the elements and when you have the time, you take it down, with all those luscious bun waves.  

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I think we need a cavewoman hair tribe.... I swear i found a baby puff in there the other day. I have waist length hair that is half poker straight and half frizzy due to extreme humidity. I have now been doing the same three things with it for twenty years. 

A) the pony tail. This has many variations from top of head like a lunatic to "dear lord i think the scrunchy is about to fall on the floor" no amount of clips bows or elastic can convince it to behave for more than about five minutes and despite my objections to harsh chemicles Im seriously considering superglue to keep the darned thing from giving me "halo head' as the morning wears on.

B)The braid/plait. on a very good day (and at least a full day since washed so not hard therE) the braid will be french because i really do believe that if i braid tightly enough and manage to igonre the migraine i will succeed in restraining the side frizz and it might stay in. so far its about an hour and a half before the halo appears and then varying degrees of 'tornado on a rampage' from then on out.

C) The bun. mostly this consists of twisting wet hair in a rope, knotting it around itself and the attacking it with all the pins in the house and then double wrapping with a massive scrunchie. this gets the least food and baby dribble in it of all the options but has the disadvantage of still being soggy in the middle at bed time if it succeeds in staying in. 

On the plus side if you leave options B and C in WET hair and it survives till next morning your hair will have a beautiful and temporary curl making option A rather pretty till it falls out

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