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Am I Doing the Right Thing?

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Hi gals:


5.5 weeks pregnant with #1. Approx due date: Oct 13.


I'm having major difficulty with my doctor, on an almost moral level and trying to figure out what to do. When I did my first two betas, they were low and didn't double (from 26 to a 32). But then my next two betas did double (72 and then a 213). At that point, I was so incredibly stressed out from the betas and waiting (it takes my doc about 1 day to return test results) that I decided not to do anymore betas. My doc wanted to continue to do betas to "try determine if the pregnancy is ectopic."


So once I explained today that I wasn't going to do anymore betas, they kind of shoved me over to a regular OB/GYN (I'm currently in the fertility practice of this large HMO). They seemingly do not do the first ultrasound until 8 weeks.


So then I push back on my fertility clinic office and they say, "Oh, well, we'll see you at 6.5 weeks" which is next week.


I took the appointment but I'm stressing out again. Part of me worries that they will find something bad in the ultrasound but I'll be in a quandry because I'll feel like it's still too early to tell anything.


So question for you guys, when did you (or do you have scheduled) your first u/s and how far along are you? AND, did you do any sort of regular beta test or was your doctor concerned about an ectopic pregnancy for you?




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Do you have any history of ectopic? I'm at the same stage as you (due Oct 12). When I called my dr they just said "Call us back if you have major cramps or bleeding, otherwise we'll see you between 6-8 weeks". No betas or anything like that, but I don't have a history of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies. They didn't even do a urine or blood test to confirm pregnancy. They just ask if you took 2 or more tests and got positives and when your last period was.


My first appointment will be next week at 7w1d. From what I can tell they don't routinely do an ultrasound at that appointment, but I'll probably beg for one (and probably will get one because I have a bicornuate uterus so we'll want to see where baby implanted).


If you get an ultrasound at that point and you don't see a heartbeat I would just schedule another ultrasound for a week or two later. I've heard it's possible to not see a heartbeat that early and then see it later so I wouldn't do anything (d&c or whatever) if I wasn't 100% positive.

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Steph, thanks for the quick reply.


No, no history of anything as this is my very first pregnancy. Of course, I could have been pregnant when younger and just didn't know it because I was never tracking my cycles but it's highly doubtful. I think they're just being overly concerned because I was hanging out at an infertility clinic, needing a little help to get pregnant. I suppose if this happened through a regular OB/GYN situation, they would treat me the same as they're treating you!



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I'm also in the same stage as you. I'm due Oct 11th. My first appt is next week at 7 weeks exactly. I did not do betas this time around. I was also on fertility medications. I told them when I called to make my appointment and to let them know that I wouldn't need the next months prescription called in that I had taken a pregnancy test at home and they were satisfied with that.  I don't know when I'll do my first ultrasound but we will probably do one soon to see if I'm having one or two! Last pregnancy I did one early for that same reason (also on clomid then) and then again at 20 weeks.


I'm sure everything is fine for you. Try to take a deep breath and enjoy being pregnant!  Your appointment next week should help put your mind at ease.

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I've never had a beta (with 3 pregnancies) and I don't have u/s until 18 weeks.  I won't get to see anyone until 12ish weeks.

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Yes, you are absolutely doing the right thing.  


Remember: people have been pregnant for thousands of years.  Let nature take its course, trust your body, and follow your instincts.  This is YOUR baby!  

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DDCC here, but I had two pregnancies with a fertility clinic. It's pretty standard for them to do early US to check for embryo placement (in the uterus i.e. not tubal) and that the baby is growing. Many fertility practices keep you with the high risk fertility doc until about 12 weeks when they 'release' you to your regular OB unless you've had some complications or have other co-occuring issues (high BP, pre-existing diabetes, thyroid issues, etc.). The reason they wanted to keep doing betas is that is pretty standard pratice for fertility practices. That is probably why they even said anything about a tubal pregnancy. They probably don't have any reason to think you are higher risk, they just monitor all their patients in x way.


At 6.5 weeks, you may or may not see a hb depending on how accurate your dates are and how good the tech is. If they don't see a hb, they will likely have you come back at 8w for another scan, and then possibly 12w as well. At 6.5w you will for sure see a babe (or blob really...LOL) on US and the sack. They will be able to measure these and see if it's close to the projected due date. Personally, I've had an us at 5.5w and seen the HB, but baby was measuring a bit ahead. Then, at 6.5/7w I saw the hb as well. But at this stage, even a day can make a difference as to whether you can actually see the hb on US or not!

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