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HSG on Wednesday! Help me prepare!

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I know that I shoud take 600-800 mg of ibuprofen (I don't have anything stronger) before hand. I'm not given antibiotics prior to the procedure because I've never had a pelvic or tubal infection before, which concerns me...


I've heard that's its very painful for some women and not at all for others. I deal really well with pain, so I should be fine there. Only thing is that they only do these in the morning (7am!) and I have to go to work afterwards. My question is if I'll be able to work or if I should do a half day?



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I took like 600 ibuprofen before mine (30 mins before it think it was) and it just cramped a little bit during the procedure and then was over.  I also went back to work afterward and they gave me a pad there to wear just in case, but i didn't even need it.  I didn't have any pain after those few secs.  I had expected the worst and it was simple, but I also didn't have blocked tubes.  I know that can be more painful.  Good luck to you.  Hope it goes well!!!!

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I was terrified of mine and it was so not a big deal. I felt a crampy feeling for a few seconds and then it was over. I was totally tense and waiting for the pain but it didn't happen. The anticipation was the worst part.


AFAIK, as soon as they stop injecting the dye it stops hurting instantly. I went straight to work no problem. I think I took 400 mg of ibuprofen beforehand, no abx.

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I'm just like the previous posts: a little cramping while it was going on, but totally fine afterwards.  I didn't take antibiotics before or after.  I did have to take steriods and benadryl at scheduled intervals leading up to it because I'm allergic to shellfish, but didn't have any sort of reaction to it.  I also was given a pad to wear afterwards and didn't need it, though my RE said it was more to catch any of the excess dye than for bleeding. 

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I didn't take any pain meds before or after.  I did experience it as very painful, and very uncomfortable, but it's over very quickly.  I was just left with an icky sensation afterwards. They offered me the antibiotics which I refused and it was fine.


I definitely was glad I had a pad in though, because I had a coffee an hour later and a had a big gush of liquid come out.


I reckon you can go back to work almost immediately if need be.  I ( am a dancer) and went to an audition later that day! BUT if you can take the day off do it. It's just nice to pamper yourself on that day I figure.


Good luck.

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Thanks ladies!


It went fine, no big deal at all. Only a 1 or 2 on a 1-10 pain scale! The doctor who did it is the leader in reproductive medicine in the greater Seattle area, and he went very slow with injecting the dye. Only issue was the hospital's policy was to not let my husband come back with me, but we got over that and the doctor was very professional and courteous.


Uterus and fallopian tubes looked normal too! It took a while for the dye to flow through the fallopian tubes, but it did flow through. All done with testing and ready to start clomid and start trying again in April. :)

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Kaydove - Good to hear that all went smoothly and not too much pain!!!  Did you know that they say after having a hsg it increases your chances of getting pregnant on your own b/c it has kinda cleared everything out of there or something like that.  Someone else might know more. Just an FYI!!  I don't know your whole story, but why do you have to wait until April to ttc again, can't you try now?

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Waiting until April is more for an emotional break from TTC after my miscarriage. I do very well with goals so I decided waiting until April was a good amount of time for us. And its my birthday month. shy.gif I figured it would give us enough time for any testing we want to do, without feeling rushed, and also time for my DH to quit smoking, which he is very committed to.


The clomid is for my luteal phase defect, only a 10-11 day LP. I did hear that fertility is increased for 3-6 months after a HSG! Thanks!

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Kaydove  I guess if I would have read your sig I might have been able to figure that one out.  So sorry for your loss  hug2.gif!  My heart truly breaks for you since I totally understand.  It is good to have goals to work towards and I hope that your dreams will come true again one day.  Take care and best of luck!!

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blueyezz4 - thank you for the kind words!

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yeah for the HSG to be all clear!!!

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