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Had a horrid appt at the dr's office today

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I called this morning to get a blood test to check my progesterone and betas as I'm on prometrium for LPD.  The people on the phone got me an appt - she heard me clearly request a blood test - with a nurse.  I figured when I went the nurse would draw my blood and that would be that.  I got there and they had me pee in a cup.  Then 45 min later the nurse got to me, badgered me about how I was there too early (I'm only 11dpo) and that the test might not be + yet.  I said that's fine, I am here to have a blood test anyway.


"No," she says, "a doctor has to order a blood test and this is a nurse visit.  No doctor ordered this test for you."


Who the hell did I talk to this morning that does not comprehend this, then?!?


If I have to use this stupid doctors practice.  Our insurance got supremely sucky since last time I was pg and we have to go to the place to see all of our doctors.  THere is no Out of network reimbursement AT ALL.  They didn't order blood tests for me when I called - they made a nurse appt to pee in a cup.   Then the nurse (when i threw a hissy after waiting an HOUR to be told that all i was there for was to POAS) talked to the doc who was there, and she would only do an HCG blood test, not progesterone, b/c "once you are past cd 21 it doesn't matter". 

Are these doctors really so incompetent in their own damned field that they don't know that progesterone matters over and entire pregnancy and is *MY* body's duty until the placenta takes over???  I told her that if my progesterone is low I WILL miscarry, but she either didn't really talk to the doc a 2nd time, or the doc didn't care.

Oh, and my urine test came back negative, too, so they probably don't even believe me that I'm pg.  I'm not worried about that since it's 11dpo and i took it at 3:30pm after having gone to the bathroom right before i left the house.  And my medication for prometrium is not covered and is $115/mo. 

The only consolation is that the blood test results should be available to me, and the lab lady said they should come in this evening.  the lab people are the only competent people I've ever encountered at that stupid facility.


Now I'm terrified that the lab test is going to come back low/negative. :(


What a craptastic day.

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I HATE THIS.  Kaiser gave me the same runaround.  I called because I wanted a blood test and the advise nurse wouldn't order one.  Then she had the unmitigated gall to say: "Well, do you WANT to be pregnant?"  Grr!  


Hang in there!

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Originally Posted by PseudoDiva View Post

I HATE THIS.  Kaiser gave me the same runaround.

We have kaiser, too.  Stupid insurance plan.  Last time we did a home birth, and I hope to have another, but it just makes sense to use the "free" (with premiums) services for blood work and u/s stuff.  But I don't know if I can take their BS.

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I try really hard when dealing with our medical system (I'm in Canada) to go in with as much patience as I can find 'cause I know everything will take 10x longer than seems necessary.


It sounds like maybe they were doubtful you were actually pregnant. Hopefully when the hcg test comes back you can rebook with an actual doc & get what you need.


So frustrating.

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My beta came back and it's 101 at 11 dpo!


I'm so happy (and I feel slightly vindicated - lol!)


Can't wait to see how it doubles in a couple of days. :)

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How frustrating! Glad to hear you got your result though and a nice result at that! joy.gif
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Glad you got good results! I hope they are a little nicer now!!!

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I was thinking about this last night some more.


I had spoken to both my family doctor & a walk-in clinic doctor about the progesterone - neither one knew what to do. Told me point blank they didn't know anything about it & had no clue what to prescribe. I had to go to emergency to see an on-call ob.


So, when you call for an appointment maybe it would be best if you make sure to request an appt with an ob.

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I'm so glad you got good results. ((hugs)) Sounds like a shitty experience!

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You have got to tell me more about this!  I'll PM you.

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