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What worked for you to flip baby out of posterior?

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Hi mamas,

Baby started ROT, went to ROP and is now OP. I'm seeing a chiro specializing in Webster, doing inversions, hands and knees and pelvic tilts. I'm going to try pelvic floor release and diaphrapham release tomorrow.

Anyone know other things to do in pregnancy? I'm due Monday, so stuff to do in labor would really be helpful too.

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you'll get some good suggestions but so much can happen in labor also. dd was correctly anterior for at least weeks before delivery and at some point during labor she turned posterior. oh well. my ob turned her manually.....yikes.


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how about hands and knees with hip swirls? that at least temporarily will get mine to move to LOT instead of OP. though he keeps going back. I have a little more time to get him positioned though, so I haven't been doing it regularly.

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I tried to do a lot during the end of my last pregnancy.  Nothing seemed to work.  Babe turned in labor and we didn't have any problem.

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It sounds like you're ready doing lots of good things. I would just say, if you're not already, crawl around on your hands and knees as much as you can! Like at least 15 minutes at a time twice a day. The hands-and-knees position plus the rocking motion of crawling is what really worked for me. You can use it as an opportunity to clean the floor Cinderella-style. LOL!
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I agree that they often turn in labor.  But even if they don't, it's not the end of the world.  DD2 didn't turn until I started pushing (uncontrollably! and then things went really fast) and although it was back labor, it was totally manageable.  I had to lean forward to keep the contrax going which was nice because I basically only had to have contractions when I was ready and wanted to.  The labor itself was not very painful.  The pushing was, but she'd turned by then!  Maybe it would have been better if she'd stayed sunny side up, who knows? haha

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Also, look into rebozo techniques, which can help turn baby.  It's very frustrating when they won't stay put!  I just realized today that mine has almost gone transverse and it was LOA and engaged last week!

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Wow, Sarah!  Now, that is just not cool!


I labored with my son that was OP and it did not go well (c/s). So, I'm a bit nervous. My pelvis is oblong, which doesn't help matters with the bigger OP head.  I know there are mamas with round pelvis that do not even have back labor or any issues delivering OP.


I know that labor could really help her spin, but I'd sure like to get her moved that direction before if possible.  I'll be trying your suggestions tonight.  Thank you for posting, mamas!

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Marissasmom, are you talking about a full circle like a pelvic tilt that goes in a circle instead of up and down?

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crawling around on hands in knees in labor turned two of mine

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Originally Posted by Family4Christ View Post

Marissasmom, are you talking about a full circle like a pelvic tilt that goes in a circle instead of up and down?

both that and a flat circle. both get my guy to slip LOT instead of OP. you can also just sway your hips back and forth on hands and knees. 

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check out spinningbabies.com.  I am following her suggestions as both my DDs were OP and I'm hoping to prevent that this time.  I know her techniques have worked for a lot of women.

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There are a lot of tips my doula gave me in a VBAC class I took from her last week. There were several positions, and the idea was more to do them in labor so that baby can turn during a contraction, but if you do these things now to get used to the positions and time required, that could help you. My midwife and I were talking about this today and she said to do these near end of pregnancy for 5 min each day for a few days, then 10. So you may need to adapt but work up to it these next few days.


If you get days of prodromal labor, getting induced is NOT the answer. You need to get baby turned, and labor will either progress well from there or stop until your body is ready to really go into labor, which is FINE.  


(30 min each)

open knee chest (on spinning babies, butt up in air, chest and head resting on ground)

stairs - walk up with same leg 2 stairs at at time, then go up again with other leg always going up first. Of the two sides, do which feels better.



repeat in labor if baby hasn't turned!


Other things in labor:

curb walk - walk with one leg up on curb, then back with other leg up, do the one that feels better


The key is doing assymetrical movements to turn baby. Again, this may only be the most effective during labor, but do them now and you'll be used to if you need to do them in labor.

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I'm not much help because my midwives didn't know my dd was OP until way into my labor. I had awful back labor and tried turning techniques then but it didn't work. She did finally turn sometime while pushing though and came out just fine.

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Webster and chiro flipped my breech baby but nothing flipped the posterior. I do think it helped, along with late acupuncture, to speed up labor and help with ligaments. I went into labor a few days after the acupuncturist "told my body to" ha ha


My labors are intense but I don't know if it is because my water was broken with both are OP. Either way, at last the second one was short.

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I had a posterior while in labor, would not dilate past 4cm for 3 whole days on pitocin! (epidural did not work either)

Finally a new nurse came in I had not seen and she immediately grabbed me a bean bag and had me lay on it, 

worked immediately and I went to complete immediately and the baby was out within 5 minutes. I wish I would have

seen that nurse at the start and I am so upset that hospitals just want you strapped on your back and wont tell you

to try different things (this was back before the internet and I knew any better, live and learn!)



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