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Whilst browsing the UK Department of Health website, I came across these open Community Consultations:

From my own internet searches and reading several forums, I have observed at least one attempt in the professional literature to re-instate non-therapeutic male circumcision on the NHS [1] (using professed concern for the safety and well-being of Muslim boys as a pretext) and several media items slanted towards promoting male circumcision [2-4] (Of course, not being a UK resident, I don't know how much traction they are gaining with the public).

Would it be worthwhile using the consultation questions to shore-up resistance to any attempt to re-instate non-therapeutic male circumcision on the NHS, or any attempt to expand the practice?

At least two consultation items Healthy lives, healthy people: Our strategy for public health in England – White Paper consultation [5] and Healthy lives, healthy people: Transparency in outcomes, proposals for a public health outcomes framework [6], seem to offer scope for ensuring that a centralised decision is made not to offer non-therapeutic male circumcision, rather than transferring the decision to local health boards; having the immediate and longer-term harms of circumcision recognised in measurements of psychological health of adolescents and adults; and alerting policy-makers to the deficiencies and bias in mainstream media reporting of male circumcision which may motivate public demand for the procedure on their children.