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Just for fun: Morning sickness severity and gender....what was your experience?

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So, when I gave birth to my daughter in South Africa, the nursing sister (midwife) who helped me asked me how my morning sickness was during pregnancy-I told her I never threw-up, but that I was very green-and spent a lot of time sitting by the toilet bowl just in case-she guessed I'd have a girl and she was right. I've since gone on to have 2 boys, with very little morning sickness..


So-is it your experience that less morning sickness=boy, and more = a girl? I'd love to see how the theory holds up against IRL mamas!



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Haha, all you ladies will hate me! With 7 pregnancies, no morning sickness at all. I have 3 boys, 3 girls, and 1 M/C angel baby (don't know gender).

This time, I'm very queasy, I haven't thrown up yet.
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I was sick as a dog for months with both my girls. The third time I got pregnant I ended up miscarrying, I had light nausea but nowhere near as bad as with my daughters (and I had a very strong feeling that that baby was a boy), and this time once again I'm sick as all get out... I have a girl feeling, so yes, in my case it seems that severe nausea indicates a girl!

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I was feeling sick more with my girl, but only got sick like once or twice with her my son I also didn't ever really get sick but I think I felt sick less. Not sure if that helps! 

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I only have one child, a boy, and with him I have NO morning sickness or nausea or anything. I actually had no pregnancy symptoms with him at all. This time I've had nausea constantly (thrown up a couple times).





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My first I had classic morning sickeness that ended with the first trimester and came back at the end..vomited about once a day and then would be fine...he is a boy. My 2nd I would throw up once in the morning and been "green" all day..lost alot of weight from not being able to eat in the 1st and second trimester...he is a boy. My third I had classic morning sickenss like my first and flu like achyness throughout my pregnancy which instantly left my body at delivery..she is a girl. My fourth pregnancy I vomited twice and then ended up miscarrying but believe she was a girl. My fifth I felt a few waves of nausea may have thrown up once or twice but overall felt good throughout..he is a boy. This time I have had a few waves of nausea but its still early.So for me I don't think that theory holds up since I was sickest with my second son.

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I have 3 boys and I've had awful nausea each time.....I don't have a girl to compare to, unless this little one is smile.gif I was way less sick with my 8 wk mc but I've always assumed the hormones were less strong...hence the loss.
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Very interesting replies! I have a feeling this will be a boy...Was hoping for a girl, but happy not to have very much morning sickness! And the boys will love to teach their little boy the ropes.:) Though....you never know until you know, right~?

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Originally Posted by Gabesgrrrl View Post

<<br /> Though....you never know until you know, right~?

That was especially true for me...granted this was 11 years ago and I'm sure technology has changed lots....but I did get a 20 week ultrasound with Joey middle son, and they did say...yes it's a girl, and there's the labia...blah blah.....we spent 4 months calling him Ellie, lol and on birth day I looked down and said...she's a boy! Lol it makes a good story now, and we didn't mind.....so no...you don't know till you know!

That is why I skipped the us the next time too!
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I have two boys, and had very little morning sickness with them. (or sickness in general.) With this one, it's AWFUL. I throw up at least 3 times a day, and my sense of smell is heightened beyond belief. My boobs are also sore, and massive-this didnt happen with my other two. I was almost completely without any symtoms at all.

I can't help but wonder if it's a girl....we'll see!

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Gabesgrrrl, are you originally from South Africa?


I haven't found any correlation between the morning sickness and the gender.  I only have boys, but I've had ms in varying degrees and starting and stopping at different times with all of them.

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First child- DD- mild nausea here and there; nothing consistent or persistent. 


Second child DD- nausea from exactly 6w to the day until about 14 weeks


Third child DD- nausea from exactly 6w to the day until about 16 weeks


Current pregnancy-??--nausea started yesterday 6w5d. So far I've had it yesterday but not today! 


I never threw up during any pregnancy to date. Knock on wood!hammer.gif

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Ah, I wish there were an accurate old-wives tale for this- it seems like everyone has had incredibly varied experiences.  This is my first pregnancy, so I have nothing to compare it to.  My mom, who had 2 daughters never experienced any morning sickness with either of us.  They were pretty convinced my sister was a boy due to the slow heart tones and the way she carried.  When my mom had her, my dad, fully expecting a boy, without even looking, just kind of called out, "Its a boy!"  Everyone turned to him and corrected, "No, its a girl!."


Anyway, I've had no nausea or negative symptoms.  I'm noticing slight fatigue, and I'm peeing all the time, but I also gave up coffee, which made me pee a lot, so I'm peeing close to the same.  My nipples are extremely tender, and have begun to darken, but other than that, I'm not sure I even feel pregnant yet. I'm crossing my fingers I inherited my mom's good genes and I'll skip the morning sickness completely!  In a way, I wouldn't mind just a bit here and there though, because at least it could be reassuring...

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With my two boys I had moderate nausea, and with my girl I had horrible morning sickness and vomited often. 


I threw up twice this morning and have been feeling awful and have a feeling this one's a girl.  So yes, for me girl = much sicker.

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This is my 4th pregnancy, and the first one I can recall feeling actual, true nausea.  I've had varying degrees of aversions during my first trimesters in the past.  Sometimes eating or smelling a food I had an aversion to would lead to light nausea, but this one has nausea that just comes all on its own, usually if I'm not eating frequently enough.  I've never gotten even close to throwing up due to any nausea, not even this pregnancy, so far.


I've had one girl and two boys, so if there was a clear difference for me, I didn't notice it. 

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I had very mild MS with my son- ONLY when meat was cooking.


With my daughter I was puking everywhere and I ended up losing 30lbs because I was so sick with her.


It's been mixed with this baby.  Some days I feel soooo sick and others I feel great. 

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I had some sickness with my boy, a lot MORE sickness with my girl...so I guess it holds true for me.  This time at 5 weeks I'm already green around the gills, so I am guessing girl!

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