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Cloth Pantyliners

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I found a number of old posts, but they don't seem to address this exact question.


I'm looking for a very thin pantyliner for cup backup and spotting.  I am just trying Lunapads now, and I find them too bulky.  

I have tried the mini and teeny pantyliner so far.  Next will be the thong liner (even though I'm not wearing a thong - not sure how that will work, but the mini bunches up at the back, so maybe).  Apart from pp after DD, I haven't used pads in over 2 decades, and really don't like the feel of something down there.  The less obvious, the better!  Any suggestions?  I'm not looking for something to catch a lot - just occasional cup backup, pregnancy discharge, and light spotting.  TIA!

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Have you tried the panties sold by Lunapads? They have a built in liner in the gusset, but it doesn't feel too bulky.

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I haven't tried them yet.  Was hoping to get some feedback before I buy too much more!  They are $$, but if they are worth it, then great!  There's no local place to buy the panties where I am, so I'd have to put in an order.  

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I have to say I'm definitely more into WAHM pads, though I haven't personally tried Lunapads.  I love how they are able to answer your questions and help you find the best product for you.  For example, I found that matching the width of the pad (snapped closed) to the width of your undies makes a big difference.  If the pad is not wide enough it will bunch and slide backwards for me (especially with liners it seems, maybe because they're more "squishable" due to their thinness?).


I would recommend Homestead Emporium, especially if you are looking for fairly narrow pads.  I have some of her pantywraps for example, they are just the top velour layer and the waterproof fleece layer, so very very trim.  The light wrap pads she has have another absorbent layer in between but they are also longer and wider, if that is what you're looking for.  I also like GEM liners, they are trim and comfy and also quite affordable.  I'd probably recommend trying a few pads from both places (after checking to make sure the dimensions will work for you) and see which is best for you.  I mostly use a menstrual cup so I use these for backup and now during pg.  Here are the links:

http://hyenacart.com/HomesteadEmporium/ (size info listed on the left side bar under the "Pad Sizes" and "FAQ" sections)

http://hyenacart.com/onestore.php?vid=3292&category=18 (I believe she told me these range from 2.5" to 2.75" wide, lengths are listed for the different pads)

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