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Wiggling all night!

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She's asleep, but I am not!  My 2 mo old dd goes to sleep well (nursing a/o rocking, patting, swaddling) she starts out the night in her co-sleeper and usually sleeps there for about 2 hours (tho last night was less than 1).  Often comes into bed and sleeps another hour or two before nursing.  On a good night I get about four hours of sleep this way.  Last night, really none!  After that, I am not able to get her to a sleep state that includes her body being still!  She is asleep and just wiggling around (I'm not surprised, this is how she was in utero :)  She will wake herself up completely if I put her back in her co-sleeper or move all the way away from her.  She is still for some moments and then needs some patting or just my hand on her to stay asleep.  I don't know exactly how much time this is because I am so tired!  Has anyone else had a baby who wiggles all night like this (last night there really was no still sleeping and I pretty much feel like I slept not at all!) 


Please help me sleep in the middle of the night!

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No advice. I'm so therre except he's 10 months old. Ga!! He kicks me all night. Last night it was pinching my nipple. He self-soothes by scratching me.


In the middle of the  night when he's crying for the breast, I think "why can't i have one of those babies who needs a reassuring pat and then go back to sleep?"

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Me too, with my 3 1/2 mo - drives me crazy! I'm actually starting to question whether cosleeping IS a good idea (we seem to make her restless, and she certainly makes us restless), and I've been pro-cosleeping ever since i learned about it in college. Hope someone has a good idea...

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