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Obtaining a Birth Certificate in MD (Cecil County)?

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Hey :)


I had a UC last Monday, the 7th.  I just decided what I'm going to name my little guy (Henry Owen) so I'd like to apply for a birth certificate here in Cecil County, MD. 


My 1st UC was in DE, and I simply filled out an application and had a note from my homeopathic doc stating it was a "live" birth.   I may have had to show proof of pregnancy, because I now remember later calling a midwife where I had taken my positive pregnancy test for a note, I believe. 


My 2nd UC was in PA and I only had to fill out an application. 


This time around seems more difficult.  The MD Vital Statistics Department told me that I can NOT obtain a birth certificate through them and that I had to call the Health Department for a nurse to come out to my home!  That sounds scary to me, although I know that I've done nothing wrong.  From what I understand, UC is legal in the US.  Also, this wasn't a planned UC like the other two.  I even had regular prenatal care through an OB. 


So, my question is, is there another way to obtain a Birth Certificate here in MD, or do I have to do it through the Health Department and allow them to come to my home?  Also, if/when they come to my home, what is it for?  Do they examine the baby?  Will they inspect my home?  Will they harass me about my choices, like to not vaccinate?  Or is it a simple procedure? 


I've also never had to "prove" a child was mine. Will they require proof?  Will the fact I did prenatal care through an OB help?  Or could I simply nurse the baby or show the placenta to show he's mine? Seems like a silly thing to ask, but I'm a private person and I'm also afraid when it comes to state/goverment "checks."  I know how backwards they are!


Any info would be appreciated!

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Congrats! & I love the name Henry!


I haven't experienced it myself, but have read about it several times here on MDC. I know I've read of other experiences in Balt cnty, Carrol Cnt, & I think AA Cnty. (Maybe try a search for "birth cert" on this forum to find old posts.) Most say it's no big deal at all - the nurse was very nice, not obtrusive & not judgmental.


If they ask for 'proof' that he's yours, I would just have the paperwork from the OBs office handy. Many have also said they made a point of BFing while the nurse was there & that helped.


If they ask about vax & stuff, I would say it's irrelevant & you don't wish to discuss it. It's none of the nurse's business! I wouldn't even enter into the conversation. (But from what I've read, it doesn't come up anyway.)

I'd say the same thing if they want to look around my house, or ask where the baby sleeps or something- just a mention that you don't wish to enter into the discussion & you're rather tired, so can we wrap up whatever is required so you can get some rest??


As far as legality of UC, I've heard rumors on MDC before of some people getting harassed by CPS for child endangerment, but I have the impression it's very rare. & it seems the climate here in MD is not hostile & it's no big deal. Besides - it's not as though you had zero prenatal care, so they shouldn't be suspicious of you. (I would probably not mention my past UCs though, just to play it safe.)

I totally understand though how you feel nervous about it. I'm planning an HB with a CPM, so I can't name her as my MW since CPMs are illegal in this stupid state! She said I can say I just had friends in from out of town & as far as paperwork is concerned, I'm only going to name my DH as having attended the birth.


But part of me wants to say, "I had a MW, she's fantastic, I'm not telling you her name because it's none of the state's business anyway! Now get me my DC's birth cert & get out of my house!" But I'll try to resist the urge to be difficult as some sort of silly 'protest.' Besides - it's not the poor nurses fault that our state is dumb & CPMs are illegal.

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Thanks hun!  That makes me feel better!  Even when I called the Health Dept, they seemed really nice and not at all shocked that I had the baby home alone.  I left my number for them to call me back, and they still haven't, so I guess they aren't even in a rush to see the baby, lol

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