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Doulas in Nashua, NH?

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A friend of mine is looking for a doula in Nashua, NH. She is due around May 21. Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!!!

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How about resources as to where I should look? No doulas in Nashua or nearby?

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The Birth Cottage is located in Milford, NH, not to far from Nashua, and might be able to pass along the names of some local doulas.


Hope that helps!

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Hi mama-  Birthroots doulas attend births in Nashua.  (full disclosure- I am one of the doulas in the group...but am on maternity leave;)  Allison, Kelly and Amy are amazingly talented doulas and fabulous women.  Best of luck to  your friend!  (Oh- and more info can be found at www.birthroots.org

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Thanks for all the great info. My friend is finding the cost to be prohibitive. Is there anyone in training?

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Hi there. This is a bit off-topic, but I was hoping you could advise me - which hospital do you recommend in Nashua for birth?


Also, are there some OBs or practices that you could recommend? I'd prefer a woman, and I'm inclined toward the idea of a natural birth, without being TOO invested in the idea. I'm 35, so I'd prefer to give birth at a hospital, just in case.



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Try here: http://naturallyborn.net/ We found our midwife there and it was cool because we could read reviews

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Try Juliana at Spiral Dance Doula Services: http://spiraldancebirthservices.weebly.com/


Also: http://www.welcomingways.com/


Good luck!

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I second Julianna from Spiral Dance. She was my doula and was amazing!

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I'm a birth doula, located in Nashua NH. I'm relatively new, so I offer my services on a sliding-fee scale. It's very important to me that everyone should be able to have a doula at their birth, and not let cost be an impediment. I have attended births at both hospitals in Nashua, as well as at the Birth Cottage. I also offer placenta encapsulation, belly casting, and Blessingways.


You can view my profile on Doulamatch at: http://doulamatch.net/profile/4317/stacey-beeley-de-almo


If you would like to contact me, my email is birthtender at gmail dot com.


Thanks :)

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