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well...this is embarassing and TMI, but...I think I have...

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I think I likely have a "rectal prolapse". Pretty much this whole thing began during labor with ds2 (who is currently 32 months old). After labor (he ended up as a c/s - though I had pushing contractions for 5-6 hours and we TRIED very much to have him naturally), I would have a "protrusion" during bowel movements. But, now that protrusion is all the time and it has become more and more annoying (and irritating). I do not have any incontinence, but it is increasingly irritating and, most recently (the last few days) there is occas. blood (not from internally) on the tissue with bm's.



I am fairly sure I'll have to have surgery and that SUCKS. I mean, beyond the thought of being under general anesthesia then I get to the aspect of having to Explain to anyone at all about it and that is awful. Seriously, I will have to ask my parents (who are awesome, but still....) to help me and DH out so I say, what "Uh, mom, can you and dad help us out, I have to have surgery cuz my ass is falling out" - ok, maybe not say that, but you get the idea. It SUCKS. And, that is people close to me...I just don't have to have to explain to friends and/or acquaintances about what/why I would have had surgery!!! Yes, I do realize that it is nothing I did and that it's not my fault and that it should not be that embarrassing....but IT IS!



I am wondering if anyone has had anything similar? What did you have to do? What did you say to anyone???

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Are you sure it is not a prolapsed hemerhoid?


Ive had the hemmy surgery - before I ever had a child. It sucked, but was the best thing I could have done. It's nothing to be embarrased about. S..t happens - especially with childbrith!


Have you been to a doctor yet??

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Oh, I am absolutely NOT sure about what it is! I just think, based on anything I could read, that it "fits" less with a hemorroid - though it certainly could be one!


Yes, I do have an appt with my PCP - on Friday.  At this point, as much as surgery would suck, I just want to feel better in "that area" :) and I am just fairly sure that a surgery will be the only way to have that happen :(  I was hoping the PCP would just refer me to a specialist / GI / surgeon...but alas, he must "evaluate to determine the best course of action"....so, I'll get to bare it all to a couple of drs ... *sigh* oh well!

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In the meantime, find some Tucks pads or witch hazel.  It decreases the swelling and will make you more comfortable.  I popped a hemorrhoid out the size of my thumb ( and I'm not skinny) when I had my second child.  It was pretty ouchy.  I used the Tucks pads they gave all new mommies at the time and it was awesome.


Taking a sitz bath with Epsom salts can also help - just keep from sitting in hot water for too long or you'll increase blood flow to the area, which increases swelling and discomfort.



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Anyway you can bypass the PCP?? go right to a colon/rectal guy? seems like a PCP would kind of be a waste of time.


Hammemellis (sp?) is a homeopathic remedy that is helpful. Soaks and tucks is good too for symptoms relief.


Hope you gets some answers soon. I know how much butt stuff sucks. Really I do. If you do need surgery, take to heart that as much as it will suck, you will be sooooooo much better afterwards. No regrets!

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Marnica - I had very much hoped to avoid the PCP (I mean, really, who wants to spread their legs for doctors more than necessary!!), but when I called (with the hope of getting the referral) they said that the PCP needs to "evaluate to see what needs to happen next".


I've tried the witch hazel, which has been very helpful with symptoms (thanks for that recommendation!!).


Right now, I just want to get a surgery scheduled and done so that i can feel better!!

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Update - for anyone interested....

had my appt with my PCP this morning. He said it was "just" a hemoroid (sp??) and prescribed me a cream that should "decrease the swelling and clear it all up within 4-7 days" .... but that it may "come back" depending on the "trigger" (I suspect that for me it worsens with hormones) in which case I can reapply cream as needed as a prevention.


So...no surgery! Yay!

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A couple things to help keep it from coming back -


1) Get plenty of fluid.  Water is best because it doesn't have to be digested; it immediately goes to work in the body.  Anything with natural or artificial sugar, including juices, has to be digested and isn't as effective for fluid maintenance as water.  A good guideline is to take your weight in pounds, divide it in half, and drink that many ounces of water a day.  Water is important in preventing constipation, which causes straining, which aggravates hemorrhoids.


2) Get regular exercise.  It doesn't matter if it's walking or aerobics; it's the movement that's important.  Exercise helps our body digest food and eliminate waste.  Regular exercise leads to regular elimination patterns and that is one less trigger for hemorrhoids.


3) Get plenty of fiber.  Now in this day and age of fast food and pre-cooked everything, this can be tough.  There are a few simple guidelines that will help you with fiber:  a) eat raw fruits and veggies whenever possible instead of cooked ones.  They are higher in natural fiber, which means you need less artificial fiber; b) avoid processed grains.  This means eat whole grain bread instead of Bunny sandwich white bread; brown rice and brown rice pasta instead of white rice and pasta made from white flour; choose oatmeal or naturally made granolas instead of Frosted Flakes or Pop Tarts for breakfast; c) basically, stay away from white stuff....white flour, white sugar, white pasta.  These items don't naturally occur in a white form.  What they do is that when they process them, they bleach them and strip all the natural nutrients out of them.  Then, they add back into the item artificial vitamins and artificial fiber.  A little thinking will reveal that using the naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and fiber are going to be better for you than artificially, chemically created ones.


4) Try as much as possible to maintain a regular elimination schedule.  Notice a baby.  They generally eat, then do their business.  Some even tend to do it the same time of the day.  Your body will let you know when it needs to go to the bathroom.  If you avoid that urge, a couple things happen.  First off, turning off that urge means you're not going to get it again for about 12 hours.  That's part of the natural cycle of things.  Now, while the waste is sitting in your body, more and more fluids are being absorbed through the digestive tract.  This means, naturally, that you're going to be a bit constipated because what was a soft stool is now not so soft, and it will take more effort to pass.  Heeding the urge to use the bathroom when it happens, and taking the time to let it do what comes naturally, is one of the best ways to prevent hemorrhoids.  Go to the restroom.  Shut the door.  Relax and let your body do its business.


5) Get enough sleep.  This is important because it allows your body to regenerate and keep itself on schedule.  It's tough, but it can be done. 


I hope you don't get visited by your painful friends again.



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Oma -


Thanks for the suggestions!

I pretty much only drink water (usually with added "Natural Calm" (magnesium) with a very occasional glass of wine with dinner. Most days I'm pretty sure I get enough water :) I very rarely drink juices or teas and never drink soda (very, very rarely when out to dinner, but even then it's usually water).


I exercise 5-7 times per week (if 7 then 2 of the days are yoga) and have been getting at least 3-5 days of exercise for at least the last 10 months (with, of course, some given "breaks" like Christmas when we were out of state for 2 wks!).


We almost never eat fast food and very rarely even eat processed foods (like cereals from a box, premade stuff, etc) as ds1 can't have wheat, corn, or soy...I just don't buy that kind of stuff! And, for a couple of months I've been avoiding gluten, though IF I do eat something like a sandwich it is never, ever on white bread.  I am sure that I, like most people, could do even better with the raw fruits and veggies, but do incorporate fruits and veggies every day into our meals.


My elimination schedule is pretty regular (and has been for some time!) and, especially with the vitamins I take and the magnesium, NOT constipated whatsoever.


Sleep.....well, that's a whole different story :) With 2 little boys who only very recently have started to sleep through the night (and even still ds2 usually wakes at least once to pee), my sleep schedule is not what it should be and I constantly feel fatigued. I am working on that though with my chiro/kinesio as we are pretty sure my adrenal function is not quite up to par. (I have alot of other "subclinical" symptoms of stuff). So, the sleep aspect is getting better.....and hopefully over time, will be what I need :)



So, with all of that said.... today is day 3 of use of the cream from PCP.... so far, I've not noticed ANY changes in symptoms, size, etc. He said that it should "clear up in 4 - 7 days...probably by 4 days"   I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with creams and how long did it take for it to work????

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