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question for mommas of 2 or more...

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I know this is such a lovely discussion topic, sorry! 


I was wondering if any of you with 2+ kids ever threw up in active labor and if so did that occur for all your labors?  I am sort of curious if tends to be something that someone either does or does not do or if it is more likely to vary each labor.


I did throw up fairly often during my fast active labor with DD.  Actually it was not a big deal and I didn't mind it that much, felt bad for the nurse though.  So if it happens again that is fine (and might be a good hint to me that I am in active labor).

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Nope have never thrown up during labor.

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I only have one, but I threw up during labour (in transition) with my first, and will be prepared to do it again this time.... I really felt like my body needed it and I felt much better afterward. So, this time I'm putting a big metal bowl in my homebirth supplies so we won't have to go looking for it, just in case.

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i've thrown up during labor several times.  just seems to be what my body wants to do, i guess! LOLOL

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I threw up like 7 times with my first labor. so we'll see how it goes with this one. 

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I had a pitocin labor with my first and barfed more times than I could count.  And had one of those lovely sitting on the toilet-puking in the trash can experienes as the nurse told me I was in transition, but when they checked me, I was at 3 or something.  :(


I've heard it's a pretty normal way for the body to push the baby down.

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I threw up in transition with baby #1. I asked for a bowl a couple times in my other labors but out of 5 total that was the only time I actually needed the bowl smile.gif
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I threw up a few times during both of my labors.  I throw up pretty easily and seem to have a very sensitive gag reflex.  I'm STILL throwing up this pregnancy (first thing in the morning, just saliva) so I'm SURE that I'll be throwing up during labor again. 

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I also am inclined to throw up (yup, still throwing up occasionally in the a.m. too!) and always threw up a lot w/MS....and car rides, etc....but never in labor, though both times I thought I was going to, I kind of surprised myself by actually not...I felt like I was going to and then the focus shifted away from that to something else....

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I've never thrown up.  Grabbed a bowl during a couple of my labors, but never actually used it.  

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I did not throw up in labor with DS.  With DD I threw up twice, once right before/as I lost my mucus plug and the second time as my water broke and I moved into transition.   I am hoping I don't throw up with this one, but then again it isn't a huge deal either way.

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I never threw up with my others but this time the m/s is still here, so there is always a first time for everyting. We'll see how it goes.

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i threw up with my first.... then they took my water away....


i didn't with my seond I hope not to with this one

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Not that it's helpful at all, but I had to add I threw up during both of my c-sections too.  After they took out the baby.  Not sure if it was pressure on my stomach or what, but it's so scary to be puking while you're sliced open on the table.  I hate puking.  I sat up from 2-4:30 because I felt like I was going to puke and I'd sit miserable in a chair than puke.

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I gagged, but didn't throw up with my first in reaction to something they had given me-I can't remember what.  It was a high intervention hospital birth.


I threw up once with my second-a homebirth-and pretty much emptied my stomach I think.

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I threw up with my second, only once early on after drinking a really strong and gross RRL infusion. I do not think I would have if I hadn't had it to drink.


FWIW- clients that I have had who got sick during labor the first time, have tended to the second time.

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I threw up with my first but it was only because it had been so long since I'd eaten (over 24 hrs and I have NO desire to eat while in labor!) and I was only drinking Emergen-C, which in retropect was too acidic. I get nauseated when my blood sugar is too low, so I don't consider it labor-related.


I never threw up with any subsequent labors.

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Thanks for the replies ladies.  Seems like it might be pretty likely that I will again.  As one poster said I actually felt a bit better during/after throwing up...   Non-pregnant I actually almost never throw up and don't have much of a gag reflex.  This pregnancy I did throw up some and still sometimes gag brushing my teeth.


I think I will make sure I have something handy if I feel like labor is starting... especially driving into the hospital!   


I actually threw up with DD before transition... it happened periodically throughout the whole thing labor once I got to active labor (also pitocin induced as someone else had mentioned).   The nurse actually had just said to me... "let me know if you feel nauseous or need to throw up, it can be a sign of active labor".  It can't have been more the 5 minutes later that I started.

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I did with my first, but didn't with my second!

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I puked with my first 2, and didn't with my second 2. I guess this baby will be a tie-breaker! 

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