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This is a great thread! I've been a dedicated thrift store shopper for years. I haven't been in awhile and reading this thread has me itching to go - I'm going to set aside a $20 and go on a spree next weekend!

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I got a Hanna Andersson dress for dd for $4 that looks like it's never been worn.  We also got some GAP jeans for DS for $4 that are in like new condition as well.  I'm glad I've started thrifting again.  I love it when someone asks about my new shirt and I get to tell them I got it at the thrift store!

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My best recent score was a Vita-Mix for $9.75. My best score ever was an All-American canner for $29.99. They go for about $300 new,not sure about used. I was pretty geeked to say the least!

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Ohh what a fun thread!

My best ever deal was at Goodwill  over a year ago.  I came across a Medela double electric breast pump with no price.  The lady at the checkout counter had no idea what it was and asked if $5 sounded fair.  I was stoked!  Of course my extreme thrift-minded mother just had to outdo me, and a few weeks later found the same pump at a garage sale for $3.  So now I have two pumps. :)


I've also gotten great brands (Gap and Motherhood) maternity jeans from Goodwill for $3 or so.  And last year I got an exersaucer for my then-baby for $7 that was in excellent shape.  Even the baby retail store was selling theirs for about $50.  When I was done with mine I sold it to them for about $20. :)

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Went back today and found a brand new with tag Express skirt for spring, originally $88.00 for $5.00!  This is only the second thing I've found for me.  The first is a Patagonia wool/alpaca sweater which I have worn almost daily this winter.  It has helped me keep the heat at a reasonable level in our house.  The kids have their woolies, but I don't.

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Not exactly a thrift store, but our local consignment store has all their kid items @ 50% off this week.  I bought 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of leggings, a pair of fleece pants, a hoodie and a sweater for $25.  All name brand stuff.  I would have paid that for one pair of jeans alone.  She's clearancing out for winter and I am buying ahead for next year.

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I love finding great sweaters at the Goodwill. Wool ones especially.

I'm reminded that I once found a pair of new Coach boots still in the original packaging for fifteen dollars. I sold those suckers on ebay for $85.
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I couldn't tell you the last time I bought something other than shoes or socks in a normal retail store, almost everything comes from the thrift store....



Greatest finds recently...


Leather loveseat and matching ottoman - $50 (Matches our chair perfectly, maybe $1000 retail?)

Awesome vintage davenport / couch/ thing - $10 (Maybe $70 in a vintage store?)

Amazing insulated carhart work overalls - $10 (would have been at least $80 retail)

Columbia and Northface boots last winter - looked brand new, not a scuff on them for $10 a pair -- At least $100 a pair retail

All my wool sweaters came from the thrift store - most are from banana republic (3 of 4) which means they were orginally at least $80? or so, but bought for $3 a piece.


I go normally once a month on average, on a Saturday as that is 1/2 price day, and always fidn something to bring home and treasure.


Still looking for a vitamix and all american canner, good to hear that a PP has in fact found those treasures as well, give me hope!

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Originally Posted by haitimom View Post

My best recent score was a Vita-Mix for $9.75. My best score ever was an All-American canner for $29.99. They go for about $300 new,not sure about used. I was pretty geeked to say the least!


I'm so jealous right now I could cry .. I've been coveting a Vita-Mix for years and have never found one in thrift. That is awesome!!!!

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I've been pretty lucky lately with thrift store scores.


The latest was a pair of Luluemon yoga pants brand new! $4

A pair of Calvin Klein yoga pants (practically new) $4

See Kai Run shoes for ds for spring $2

A radio flyer push wagon for ds for  $14 (retail for $80-$110 online) used it as a Christmas gift

Not to mention jeans for the whole family for .99 cents a pair over the last few months at Goodwills 50% off sales.

Hand made pottery (.25-.49 cents each) I'm building an eclectic collection of hand thrown pottery for our dishware!


It really does make a big difference on where you live. We moved from a pretty rural/conservative area and it would take a lot of searching to find nice things. Where we are now I have to budget myself on my thrift shopping because I could get soooooo much!

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I haven't been inside a thrift store since all the bedbug concerns!  I miss it dearly but I'm way too paranoid!  It has been in our local newspaper that one of the apartment buildings in our small town is infested.  Do you take any special precautions bringing used goods into your home?  

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Last week I did some serious thrifting and this is some of what I got:


Two pairs of See Kai Run, 50 cents and $3


170 Lego Duplos in a bin for $2.50  (I'm a duplo fanatic, so I was on a high all day over this one)


Sling style bookshelf with underneath bin storage system $7


a real deal fixed wheel jogging stroller for $20.  (DH had to patch a tube, but I already took it out for a spin and it's awesome)


ETA: full-sized automoblox truck for $2, which is was kind of a splurge for me, but hey, it's $2.


I usually don't bother sifting through all the clothes, but you mamas have inspired me!

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Man, where do you all live??  I'm in Tampa and I swear it's all junk here!  But we do have some good community yard sales!

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Well, I didn't get the score of the century today, but I didn't come home empty handed either! I found two Chicago Metallic loaf pans for $3.00 each. I love Chicago Metallic - it's heavy-weight professional-grade bakeware and it's not cheap retail. It'll last a lifetime if you take care of it. And I also got a copy of The Other Bolyn Girl for $1.00 - I saw the movie and I've been dying to read the book. It still had the Borders sticker on it too. :-)

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This reminds me, I've been meaning to stop by a local consignment store with maternity/kids clothes. And goodwill! I need to find some wool sweaters for diaper covers. orngbiggrin.gif

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Last week, I went window shopping and fell in love with a pair of Naot shoes that fit really well.  But, for $178, they were out of my price range. 


I mentioned it to my mom, and she found a like-new pair at her Goodwill the next day (!) that are just my size.  No wear on the sole or the inset.  Perfect shoes.  And, it was senior day, so she got 25% off.  LOL. 

So exciting!

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The kids and I go about once/month - they do 50% off 4 colored tags rather than the usual 2, so it's like double bargains. 


We just stopped yesterday - I bought them both new bikes for a total of $35.  I've been meaning to get them new ones for this year, they've outgrown theirs and I was so stoked.  The one for DD is going to need some air in the tires, but heh, such a steal.


We also got a bunch of right size fleece hoodies for the spring.  It seems my kids live in them during the spring and fall and I picked up I think 3 or 4 each for less than $20. 


I browse the women's section when I'm there and usually pick up something nice for less than $5.  Its totally spoiled me from the regular store for jeans - I will NOT pay retail anymore.


The best score ever was when I had been searching for weeks for a formal dress for a work function and I was basically out of options and against a deadline.  I had been in nearly every regular store and nothing.  So, just on a whim,  I stopped at the thrift store and found a lane bryant dress (I also wear a weird size - 14w and it's hard to find) with the tags still on for $7.  I also picked up a pair of Candy heels - the whole outfit cost less than $15.  And I got a ton of compliments on it.  Totally amazing.


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Where was the Aruba Thrift Store? We are going there this weekend and I would love to go thrifting!!! Thanks!

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You all have totally inspired me. I will drive over to goodwill today and hope for some great finds. Last time I checked a thrift store here it was all trash, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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I hit hit the goodwill yesterday and found some nice stuff: A great Lucky Brand tunic dress in new condition, a pair of 6.5XW shoes for DS (yay!), and a great cashmere turtleneck sweater. Huzzah!
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