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Ah, I just read that you're also planning a UC. Well best wishes for wherever and however things unfold! :)


p.s. And even if you do go to the hospital, as late as humanly possible of course ;), you know you can be continuously monitored on a ball at the side of the bed, or standing & leaning, whatever feels comfortable to you. Just say "here's how/where I'm going to be, slap those TOCOS on me." 

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Jenny ~ When u sd urine test I assumed u were delivering at Baylor. I went to that MW group for my first pg that ended in m/c. They were very much mainstream versus natural. I only met 2 of them and liked them OK. But when I had my m/c I had an appt with their backup doc who I didn't like at all. He had a huge ego and got an attitude when I kept asking him questions. I called and asked if I could use a different doc as backup next time. They said no and I knew I was never going back to them.

But u sd 6 MW's so now I assume u r seeing the Harris MW's. But they told me at my 2/11 appt they weren't testing urine anymore. Anyway, I think I've seen 4 out of the 6 so far. Some r definitely more crunchy than others. Not sure if that's because of their experience level or what. One of them seemed to think that RRL tea wasn't beneficial. And another one was so happy to learn that I had started drinking it and then mentioned EPO around 37-38 wks.

I am a little concerned that I won't see the MW much during labor as well since they are at a hospital and will more than likely have other ladies in labor as well. I'm leaning towards a doula for that reason.

I haven't had any problems as far as testing goes though. I refused the penta test and they were fine with it. And to be honest I was going to do the GD test next time because I don't have the brain energy to research why not to do it.

Hopefully, the next one u meet will be more to ur liking.

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Maybe they're not testing urine anymore. They didn't tell me if they were or not, so I guess I'll have to ask when I go back next month. I think there is a wide range of beliefs at the practice and some of them do seem much more old-school traditional midwife than the others. I don't even know who my next appointment is with because when I called back to move the appointment out a week I forgot to ask who it was with. I'll just have to call back (again) tomorrow and find out.


I felt kind of bad for the cute little secretary because I was telling her that I just needed the blood draw for the GTT, but I wasn't drinking the stuff. She asked about 3 times why they were doing the blood draw if I wasn't drinking the stuff, and I kept having to tell her that I was eating a carb & sugar-loaded breakfast instead.


I'm just filing all of this away in my brain so that someday when I am a CNM I won't do or say the kinds of things that have happened to me during any of my pregnancies. I really don't like feeling like I can't truly be 100% in control of my own healthcare decisions because of policies.

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