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Not responding to Clomid...Now what?

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Background:  My DH and I are going to a RE to get fertility treatment (PCOS).  This first round we did 100mg of Clomid (days 4-8), 1000 mg of Metformin, and estradiol vaginally (9-13).  We are prepping to do IUI.

So, we went today for the ultrasound to measure follicles and there were NONE.  Not even ONE.  Just cysts.


The Dr. wants to induce a period with Provera and do it all again with a higher dose of Clomid (150mg.) and a higher dose of Metformin (1500 mg.). 


Sigh.  I am upset.  I thought it would work.  So, what happens when Clomid isn't working, at all.  Not even a little bit.  Is a higher dose of it and Metformin the answer?


Is there anything homeopathic I can try to boost the chances this next round?  Do I need to do some voodoo magic on my ovaries to get them to work right? 

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I typed a response and lost it...so...


I am not TTC but saw this on the main page.


Like you, I did not respond, at all, to Clomid or Metformin.  In my case, my RE felt it w/b a waste of time and money to try another round of Clomid so we started IVF.


I wish I w/h tried more natural remedies first but I was older and have severe PCOS.  (e.g.  no periods at all after age 16, every symptom in the book, etc.)


Acupuncture helped me.  I had eight IVF cycles with six transfers and only became pregnant with the transfers that included acupuncture.  My final attempt at IVF resulted in a successful pregnancy. 


Best of Luck! 

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I didn;t responded to 50mg so dr gave me 100mg and I got 2 beutiful foliculs in each ovarie...don't loose your hopes!


If clomid doesn't work for you can move on to injectable mds and IUI


My RE told me there are 3 options: clomid + IUI, injectable meds +IUI and IVF.


I was loosing my hope too but then when I saw that 100mg worked I went back on right track.


Metformin didn't work for me. Are you overweight and do you have problems with insulin resistence? Not all PCOS the same.


I lost some weight and stopped smoking and that cleaned my body from the cystas  and got my period more regular (It used to be 3 times per year, now its every 36 days and I am ovulating on my own!).

Royal Jelly helped too. Ant try yoga!

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We are doing Clomid first because I don't want to go to Injectibles route just yet. 


I am overweight and I am insulin resistant (took a GTT many years ago and failed miserably) so when I take Metformin, it does help.  I just wonder if all the drugs weren't in my system long enough to work appropriately. 


What is Royal Jelly, how do you use it, and why does it help?

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It helps with infertility for both -male and female,,,


I read they give up tu 200mg of clomid....I think most important do not lose the hope! If clomid doesn't work, you will move on to injectables,,,I don't have weight or insulin problems but still try to watch what I put in my mouth because I believe that how we treat out body affects everything else a lot,,,I got book "What to know before getting pregnant", it gives a lot of good info (amazon.com used good condition $3.99),,,

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