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Lunchtime Behaviour

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DD has been complaining about admin and aides at lunchtime.  At her school they now have a noise sensored traffic signal to monitor the noise.  If it gets too noisy the traffic signal goes to red and makes a beeping noise.  She said it is crazy and that some of the kids thinks its funny so will go up to it and make noise.  Of course then, the WHOLE cafeteria gets in trouble, which I think is absolutely insane.  There are days also when no one is allowed to talk at lunch - AT ALL or else they get threatened with having recess taken away, etc.  This whole lunchtime situation has gotten my child so upset.  When I picked her up today, she said she has decided to go to the vprincipal's office and try to talk to her about different ideas about lunchtime.  She is a little afraid though but really wants to try to work something out.  Fortunately, this is her last year and she will be going to middle school next year.  I am definitely hoping that something can be worked out for these without the parents having to intervene.  I have talked to a few parents and they all feel the same way.  I am just trying to figure out how to handle this situation just in case it can't be worked out between the kids and admin.  Wish us luck. 

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Good luck!!!


My DS also complains about lunch - and is justified in doing so.  Congratulations to your DD for having the courage to tackle the situation in a constructive way - that is wonderful!!!!


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I think it's a GREAT idea for her to talk to the principal. He/she may not realize that the light has turned into a game to many of the kids.

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I suggest seeing if the teacher will let the class do a petition with other ideas on it.  My mentor teacher let her class write persuasive essays for the principal with their suggestions for improving the lunch room experience and she did compromise a lot for them because of their essays.

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Our kids had one of those in ps. Good luck for your child. Many teachers punish everyone for the behavior of a few.Dd deals with it in Montessori. I guess it is supposed to shame the bad kid into being better,but it doesn't work.

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