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Trough love....

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Ok, for some reason, I've gotten it in my head to look into the Rubbermaid horse trough for my birth pool this go 'round. I want to follow my insticts---but, I'm wanting a little push or pull either way. In Lakshmi Bertram's book, Choosing Waterbirth, which I've not even read recently, she discusses how much she liked the trough. I think they're deeper---which is good gor me b/c I'm tall. I also found I didn't need the inflatable floor on my fishy pool.

Any one use a trough? Pros? Cons? Please, please share!!!!
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I did, loved it. Even better is that it is the midwives trough and I can easily think of 10 friends who have birthed in it. I loved thinking about all of them who came before me in labor.
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Thats actually exactly what my midwives use and they rave about it so it's what I'll be using in a month or so.........I'll let ya know how it goes!

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okay...so trough wasn't a typo! :LOL
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I used one for two of my three births, and will do the same for this next birth. Mainly what I like about it is that it is deeper -- I like being able to submerge myself totally. It was also roomy enough that I was able to swim around -- meaning able to quickly float from one position to another. That was nice. Another thing is that if you find it unpleasant to be naked in front of other people, the trough, because of its depth and color, makes you feel somewhat covered. I also felt free to feel for the baby and massage myself in ways that I wouldn't if I had been more exposed. Other nice things are that it retains heat pretty well, and that it is easy to drain.

The bad thing about the trough is that it is made of hard plastic. The first time I used it I felt locked into a kneeling position (partly because everyone was watching and my reaction was to try to draw as little attention to myself as possible, i.e., remain still,) and my knees got very raw. The second time I was moving around a lot so it wasn't an issue. One thing you could do is get a blow-up thingy and fill it with water (so it wouldn't float), or just use a foam mat.

If you get one, get a new hose (or two, to transfer water in and out), and you will need an adapter so that you can attach it to your faucet, and test it before the birth so you are sure that you got the right adapter (is that the right word? I'm thinking computers. Well, you know what I mean.)
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No, not a typo Thanks for all the replies so far! More More More!!!

BV, I have the adapter from my fishy pool birth. The trough just sounds SO good! I might just go buy one today, and just be done with it.....I the swimming around aspect. What kind of foam mat? Like a yoga mat? Would it float? I just got a new hose, the kind for RVs. I'm going to use this one to fill, and my old hose from previous birth to drain.

Looking back, I felt pretty open in the fishy pool. It even affected how I pushed and my birth position......ah, the beauty of being secluded in birth.....I'm figuring my mw will most likely miss my birth due to our distance (and I'm totally fine with that).....maybe I should start checking out the UC threads???

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oh, no! just found a drawback---feed stores in my area want about $150 for a 150 gallon trough major bummer.
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We paid $100 for ours. Maybe a midwife in the area has one and would rent it to you?
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