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April Mamas Home strech!!!!!! 1st-????

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Just thought I would go ahead and start a new thread.. Hard to flip through all the other pages on the last thread.. Things are starting to really get exciting around here and I dont want anyone to miss a beat or a post with the long thread... Come on mama's Lets have some babies!!!!!
We have Lisa who is Missing in action.. ( I think she had her baby and isnt telling anyone yet)
Bellafinn who could have something starting !!!
Kaylee who is at the hospital as we speak!!!
Christina who could go at any time now
I am drawing a blank on everyone else.. But i do know things are stating to rock and roll now:LOL
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Did this go by fast or what????
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This went by very very fast!!! Makes me sad that this is our last baby that I will never be pregnant again.. But three is enough for us!
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Hey everybody, I'm still here! Out of desperation this morning I tried one last ditch effort and drank some castor oil, but nothing... Grandma left this after noon, and no baby so I'm just not going to worry about it anymore.

However with all the bloody show it can't be long!

Christymama: Be happy with your breasts! Mine haven't changed a bit! I'd LOVE to have some "more", I'm sure DH would too!
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Iam still here no baby yet. still sick I had such bad trapped gas all day so bad I was crying couldnt move. I called my DH home I thought I was in labor. it hurt that bad he brought home some gas-x for me and that helps. now I have a bad head ache to boot I just dont want to be pregnant anymore I want Chloe here. I passed the strep b test thank goodness. where are you goodwillhunter? please check in.

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ohhh bellafinn~~ I would be happy with the boobs if I were small to start off with: With dd#1 i went from a b to a D stayed at a D then with dd#2 went to a DD Now its past that. Pretty much a freak show!:LOL I dont think with all that bloody show you are having it will be to long for ya either.. Maybe you will have a april fools baby.. I wonder how many others will too... I am convienced Lisa did have her baby because she would of checked in by now! So whos next??
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Hi mama;s I have just started a web page... So I am going to post the link here to see if it goes through. There are pictured of myself and my girls on there.. Its not done yet but I will complete it once Spencer is born... Take a lookhttp://happyazmama.tripod.com
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so here we are, in the final stretch...I'm feeling overwhelmed today and really needy. I'm uncomfortable and think I'm getting sick AGAIN (i've spent most of this pregnancy with some malady or another--and I NEVER got sick before getting preg). My throat feels scratchy and I'm coughing. Need energy for birth. Waaah.

Wish I was a child again...wish my welfare were somebody else's concern.

Christy, great site, you look like a lot of fun and your kids are BEAUTIFUL. Congrats!
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great site Christy.

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Cristymama: Cute site, great pics of you and your family!

I had a great night of sleep last night, and it was much needed! I've had weeks of insomnia and I've been up by 3:00 am every day for the last week. I finally got to sleep till 6:00, yeah!

I feel better physically and mentally than I did a few weeks ago, a little more relaxed I guess. I sure don't know why.

My sons birthday is on Tuesday so I'm just going to try to switch gears and focus on HIS day right now. I ordered him a spiderman cake, and we're all going to a childrens museum on Saturday-assuming I don't go by then, LOL! It will be a nice day.
I need a distraction!

Have a great day!
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Thanks mama's! i am just lernign to use this whole web page thing.. These were just snap shots from here and there. I will get more into it once i really know what I am doing and The baby is here.
ITS APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been thinking of LIsa and Kaylee all night! I Know they are both having thier babies or already had them I should say. I just want to hear about it now! There is a full moon on the 5th ( MOnday) maybe some will go that day!! Maybe you bellafinn!!!! I have noticed a change in my body and the way things feel the past 2 days.. I think my plug is slowly starting to shed loose.. I see some mucus on the tp but nothing to get all excited about.. BUt it has to wiggle out of there some time.. Its suppose to rain here the next few days. We could really use it.. There are two fires already going in the mountains: This should be a intresting year... Well I will check back later mamas..
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Today is my due date!!!

but no news :
feeling more pressure down lowand bh but thats it. My doc doesnt like going past 41 weeks so it better happen this week. just told my mom I was in hosp.- April fools joke

went to see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind last night then to italian for eggplant parmigan. too tired and full for sex though- guess you cant do all the wives tales all the time

its really amazing how everyone in society, friends and family etc are just so blasé about babies being born- 'have you had the baby yet?' etc. it just seems so huge an event -that big chubby human coming out of your vagina for goodness sakes!!!! can you tell Im a little nervous?

Welcome to April -I cant believe weve made it!!! And I cant believe with how hard I was trying to keep him in in the first trimester, now Im trying to let him out

have a good day!!!
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cute site, Christy!

elsanne and christina...sorry you're both feeling so yucky. having painful gas is the *worst*. I had it the other night and tried using my hypnobirthing techniques to get through it. it didn't make the pain really go away, but i relaxed enough to fall asleep.

wondering about lisa and kaylee....

coco..how was the movie? i really want to see it. my mom will be here Monday. if i haven't had a baby by then, i think dh and i will go see it.

things are on somewhat better terms with dh. it's still touch and go, but we had a good day yesterday. he worked like a madman on the outside of the house...scrubbing skylights, sweeping the roof and decks (we are under a canopy of trees, so lots of leaves), repairing things, etc.

no baby signs here. one bh yesterday, for a grand total of i think three. : maybe she'll sneak up on me!
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we really liked the movie. really good.
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is everyone prepared for their babies Iam all I need now is chloe. I cannot beleive we are in April Already. and my 30th Birthday is two weeks away. I got a Birthday card from my Dad and step Mom it was really nice they sent me some money I think Iam going to buy a regular camera I already have a dit one but want a regular one also. I cant beleive I only have two weeks intil Chloe will be here the time will go so fast. My oldest daughter wants her here now. she is getting so excited. she says she is going to help me diaper and feed the baby. it is too cute. now when we all have are babies we are going to have to post pictures to share with everyone. well I better go and see what my kids are up too it is queit and you know what happens when they are queit.

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Well it is our month. Some times it feels like it's gone fast and then sometimes I can't remember NOT being pregnant!

I just had to go to the December mom's thread and read all those post of the mom's just becomming pregnant. I remember so well that first positive pee stick! Then the nerves and such about not wanting to M/C, now we only have DAYS left and it will all be over, well just beginning I guess.

I was just thinking to myself how you start out watching the toilet paper and NOT wanting blood, now I pray for it every day, LOL!!!

Have a good day!
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Hey all-
we were down with that yucky stomache flu thing- it worked its way through all of us in different ways. Ds and I got it the least, but I was involved in the care of all the other sickos.

Nothing on the baby front. A few bh here and there, mostly very mild ones, but last night I had 1 contrax that was soooooo painful it kinda got me scared remembering what this could be like. my 2nd was a nightmare, my first was honestly pain free, soooooooo where will #3 be???? Some where in between I suppose. Everyone around me- the other pregnants at the Y have all had their babies, except one who is in labor as we speak.
i am going to get some cloth diapers and a carseat in the morning-- i think it may be time to finish up preparations.

Elsanne-- i so hear what you say about wanting to be the child, I wish to crawl into bed and be cuddled and have someone else worry about the happiness and welfare of the rest of my family. it is a tough job being a mommy. I love my kids but it is so completely full time.
hang in there everyone- love 2 all- maria
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I know I can not believe its April already too.. Bellafinn I know what you mean about when your first pregnant and not wanting to see blood but pray for a show now so we know labor is anytime!! We will all have them soon.. I am counting down.. I have 11 days! not counting today and not counting the day I go in to have him. I can not wait. I have my very super last appointment on the 6th.. Thats just days away! 4 days!!
Maria~ I am sending out that box tomorrow girl! I have to get out and about and go to the post office to send some things off so look for it in the mail next week.. My bras are all to tight Been wearing tanks.. They are even pretty darn snug. I hate my boobs LOL.. Tonight is PIzza night.. Well we dont have a set night to order out pizza but Thats what we are having tonight because I am not cooking.. YUMMY!
Hope you fell better Maria.. I hate being sick.. I never get sick but when I do its a doozy and dh will let me stay in bed and take care of things around here..
Christina my youngest is like that with this baby .. She always says she is going to help take care of him and feed and changehim.. She did say that the poopy can be for daddy that daddy likes poopy.. ( he is the one that wipes her when she goes because being pregnant it makes me sick,,, ) But it is funny! So excited... Who else have we not heard from in awhile.... Wondering who will have thier babies on the full moon?? Dh starts his Maternity Vacation on the 10th I am super excited about that too.. We have so much to get done then....
I need to get a hair cut..
Need to clean carpets
Need to clean the girls rooms
Need to clean my room:
Need to clean the yards and mow
Need to clean the laundry room
We still need to put the car seat in the truck! I have so much crap to do but I cant do it alone.. I just cant get motivated to do it .. UGH~~ well mamas gonna go order pizza
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Iam so bored tonight where is everyone? Iam hoping to go this weekend. Iam so ready to have this baby.I have had a few contractions today but nothing that would dilated me. Iam hoping to hear some more baby stories where are you Lisa Kaylee?

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Thanks Christy, I am fine. I did not get the sickness like the others did. Ya know those supermom hidden protectors, well, despite all the puke I dealt with, I was really only exhausted and needed some time to myself in bed. i got it and the world is a rosier place!!!

My dd has a show at school tomorrow and then I pland to hit the gym again, I went today after almost a week off and did a pretty good paced three miles. I thought my water was going to burst open there on the eliptical machine lol!!! Honestly, my belly got soooo tight I had to stop at about every 6 minutes, drink a bunch of water, and do some serious deep breathing. Crazy, I live for this shit and it felt absolutely wonderful to be moving my big fat body.

Well, here is hoping my baby comes sometime next week while dd is on vacation- she is in charge of her brother during the birth and if it is in the daytime, I do not want to worry about having to get her home from school. Also, I think with a new baby around the kids will have something to do and maybe even be real nice and peaceful for the week.. One can only dream....

can't wait to hear some stories, they ought to be rolling in soon!!!!!! love 2 all of ya-- happy labor-- maria
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