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So I see I'm not the only one, YEAH! Congrats to all the others who've had their babies!

tibdomol: My nipples are hurting too, I don't remember them hurting this bad before!

Here is a link to Cecily's hospital photo:

Good luck Christina and Christina!!
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Congrads bellafinn on your little girl.
My doctor appointment went well My blood pressure was 118/62 which is great. babies heart rate was 130 beats per minute. My doctor checked me and Iam still the same 1cm 50 percent thinned how is that possiable with all those contractions I was having. here is the good news they may induced me tomorrow night instead of Thursday I so hope they do. I wonder if Christymama had Spencer yet?

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: : : : :
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They canelled my induction for Tuesday and the kicker is I dont have a sitter just great Iam so pissed right now.

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thanks everyone for the congrats and compliments

And congratulations to all the new arrivals

Things are going well here, I think Harrison is a really good, not randomly fussy babe. Nursing seems to be going well now after a little bit too big of a weight loss scare. Also had a little jaundice scare as well but both are resoved now thank goodness.

Bellafin, congrats on cecily, shes a doll. I must say I cried for a second after reading your story, jealous, I guess...I really went through hell- I havent wanted to say anything til we're all onto the the next stage, but it was just a very very hard 30 hours for me.

I am so thankful for my little guy and feel very positive about the way everything was handled, the hospital, and nurses and my doctor were all wonderful.

Im so glad to be on this side of it.

And Im so thankful Ive had you guys for literally the past 9 months!!!!! Im going to tear up again here- I think I was trying so hard to keep him in the first trimester, that it was just really hard to get him out when it was finally time. Thank you all for your support- I cant believe Im a mom

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Hi mama's. I finally got sleep and have time to post our baby story!

I started having cx at about 1 am Friday. By 3 am they were about 10 minutes apart and too intense for me to sit, stand, or sleep.
I woke DH and told him to get ready. He started coffee, gathered all our remaining things, and checked in on me constantly. I called the hospital at about 3:15 and told them that I was having cx about every 10 minutes. They told me to try a bath or shower and see if they continued for another hour, but to call or come in of they got too intense. (At the time I was handling them well)
I took a bath - afraid that I'd have a hard cx in the shower and pass out! By 3:30- 3:45 they were getting really hard.
After the shower, the cx got more intense - especally in the back! - but were still about 10 -12 minutes apart.

So I hung our until about 4:30, then after a huge hard cx, decided "what the hell..." and told DH to get the van. In the 30 min ride to the hospital -- 1 cx. I was praying they would not

So we get to the hospital. I had to walk all the way thru emergancy to regisaration. Stand while the lady dinked on the phone and got my paperwork, walk all the way back thru emergancy and to the other end of the building to the elevators that went to l&d. By this point I was getting pissed -- I was obviously in labor and stopping every couple minutes to catch my breath or have a cx, and no one offered a wheel chair or anything!!

Up in l&d I was put in a "pre-check" room where I was pretty much left alone for an hour while they hooked me up to a external monitor. After checking my cervix (6 cm!!) I was given a room. By 5 am the l&d floor was BOOMING! There was not one bed left empty! They had to have another dr saty thru the morning to help!

By the time I got to my room, my back labor was so intense I was crying, and hardly able to breathe. It felt like I was getting hit by a truck with every cx. I have never felt pain like this. Labor with ds #1 was nothing compated to the back labor with Jacob. I demanded something for the pain, and requested the lowest dose to start. -- I did not want to have drugs at all, but was violently ill from the pain in my back. I rested for about 2 hours, and the dr came in at about 8:30. I was 8 cm, and it was decided to break my water to speed up the process. I was ok with it - I wanted it to be over! I was hooked up to an IV and given anti-biotics for the GBS.

Jacob was facing the wrong direction, and I flipped to my side to try and get him to roll over. By this time, the meds were gone and I was in agonizing pain again and hysterical for relief. DH tried everthing to help - rubs, counterpressure, but nothing worked. After about 30 mins, I asked for more meds. It was ok'd, anf the nurse left to get them. I felt it took her too long (4-5 cx) and started screaming for her, paging her, & finally she came back. She gave me a small dose again. It really did not help much...

I felt the urge to push, and told her. She said that I needed to wait cuz the dr was prepping for a c-sect. (for someone else). After 2 more cx (with me gently pushing) I asked her where the dr was, again stating I needed to push. She repeated not to, that the dr was busy. I told her that I was going to anyway and she needed to get him. (HA! Try and tell a mama not to push!)
The dr came rushing in a min later. It was obvious I was pushing by then , cuz he was about out! They frantically threw the room together preparing for baby.

After about 6-8 hard pushes (at one point after a push he rolled over. Talk about a wierd feeling!!!!!) He was out - and a little blue. They got him breathing good after a rub down and he was great!

The dr pushed pitocin 2 times for the delivery of the placenta (I was not happy about that!) and after a few minor stitches, I was all better!

DH held baby and I showered, then nursed. He's a wonderful nurser, and is certainly a mama's boy. Last night he slept 4 hours, nursed, then slept 4 more. Was awake for 3 hours this morning, and is now napping. It's awesome!!

Here's a link for his pics!


BTW... my mom is still here, and driving us nuts! not helping out, and talking about extending her stay!!! AAHH!!

Are we starting a link/forum for us after babies are here? Do you want to have a thread in Birth & Beyond??

Phew... that was a long story!!! Hope you like it!
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Spencer Harrison Here!!

Birht went well.. Labor a total of 5 hours. pushed maybe 4 times.. Had a huge crowd cheering me on and was in amazement!:LOL Hes beautiful.. my biggest baby yet.. 8 pounds even and 20 inches even! But he looks so darn small.. Nursing is going well.. I have sore nipples and when he nurses I have the most horrible after labor contractions... Worse then what they were in labor to be honest! Everything went well and we came home in 24 hours!

So glad some more mamas have had thier babies.. I dont have alot of time right now.. I will be back to read all the posts and post our birth story!
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Iam so happy for you Christymama Iam glad your labor went well. please do share your Birth story.

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THEY'RE HERE!!!! Wow, it's taken so long to catch up and everyone's had babies---I've missed so much. Looks like we share birthdays with a couple of people.

My girls were born Good Friday, April 9. Amelie Grace was born at 11:28am and weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces. Isabella Margaret was born at 6:09pm and weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. Yes they were over 6 1/2 hours apart and born at home!!! It was not an easy labor or birth like I hoped it would be, being at 9 cm and all. My uterus was measuring 49 cm Thursday night when I started laboring. It was very over-extended and we had to do a lot to keep it working, but gratefully I had patient midwives who were willing to wait as long as it took to get the babies out.

Pictures are up-please enjoy:
Amelie and Isabella

So far they seem to be fraternal. We think that Isabella may have even been conceived a few days before Amelie so I'm going to check out my chart.

Congrats to all the new babies!!!
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she's here!!!

maya soleil was born at 6am on Tuesday, April 13!

8 lb. 5 oz.
20 in.

will post story later.
congrats to all the other new mamas!

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Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!! Your babies are gorgeous!

Christina, hang in there, mama! I you! My little guy is getting irritated with me right now because I put him down to post... Must go and change his diaper. It's getting late and I want to go to bed sometime today...

Oh, yes, Tibdoml or Jen in Minnesota!!! We are starting a thread I think in Life with a babe.... I could be wrong... It's in one of our threads... I have no idea.
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Wow, congratulations on everybody's new babies!!! So many~!

Still here, sitting here, baking here.

Overdue again. No big surprise.
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Hi everyone update on me. I go in tomorrow for the cervical gel to see if that will ripenen my cervix and put me in Labor so Iam hoping tomorrow will be the day but if not and it does not work for sure on Tuesday I will have my baby Chloe in my arms. last night was a busy night My two year old had a fever 0f 105 got it down but I was up with her all night and then my oldest daughter puked this morning but seerms to be fine now. so Iam so tired I will probably will go to bed early tonight I have to be up at the hospital at 9:30 so I will have to leave my house by 7:30 or 8:00. I hope everyone is well.

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Congrats Mama's!!!

Welcome babies!!
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Good luck, Christina!!!!!: :
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Hi Mamas just chekcing in ... Who else do we have thats waiting for thier little ones to come?/ Can we get a roll call? I will start another thread for that... so we can keep track of who is left so we can all meet up in the life with babe forum....
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Valeska Shawn Noelle Patterson

9:30 pm Friday night, waterbirth.
She was 21.5" and 7lbs12oz.

Short birth story: (no long version) NAK'ing.
Lost plug that morning and we went to my m/w appt. around noon. She said my cervix was ready and asked if I wanted to be stripped, b/c I would go. I said "Is the pope catholic? Let's do it." We went to get a suite at a nearby hotel to stay until contrax became regular and to house MIL, kids, sister and stepmom. At 4pm they evened up and became somewhat painful. Went to birth center and Rasmia said I was 4cm. 8:30pm water broke. 9:10 started pushing. 9:30 her head popped out like an orange quickly followed by the rest. She was blue and limp. Took her a few minutes to wake up then she immediately started nursing, and honest, hasn't stopped!

For some reason this baby hurt worse than my 9 pounder--feels like someone put me in a meat packer and set it to "paddle"--must be age.

Humble mother of three.
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I can tell lots of us are busy with our babies, as there are almost no posts!!

I get NO computer time right now but I'll try to check in once in a while!

Cpongrats to those new babies!!
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