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Lisa~ So glad your back! I knew you were gone having your baby!! I just knew it. Wow you have them all pretty early huh! Well no change here.. Same ol same ol.. Please keep us up to date on Adam. I cant wait to see pictures.. You and Kaylee had your babies on the same days! They share a b-day how cool!!
Congrats to you and happy b-day Adam!!!!!!!
Coco~ You will be ok . Labor really isnt that bad I dont think so.. I mean yea there is some pain involved but like with everything else in life there is pain in love and once you see that baby you will forget all about that pain.. I am telling you that.. I have all the faith in the world you will be a great birther..
Having some back pains here today.. Baby has slowed down in movement a bit.. But i can still hear the heartbeat and when I hear that little thing in there thump thump thump makes me feel all the more better. I think hes getting ready and rested for his big day too! I hope he holds out until the 13th.. thats only what 10 more days! He can do it.... WOW 10 days! Well better get going mamas take care and whos next!!!!!!!
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Congrads Lisa on baby Adam hope he comes home soon. nothing much going on here My DH is sick with the stomach flu so hope he feels better soon. I had contractions last night but nothing to write home about. My oldest daughter is on her Spring break. Thats about it.

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Congratulations Lisa-welcome Baby Adam!!!! HAng in there-you're pumpkin will be home soon to enjoy your babymoon!

Still no twins here! I had a great night of sleep so I'm prepared if things kick into gear tonight or today. It is incredibly uncomfortable to hang out at 9cm, but oh well! My midwife is coming over in a couple of hours to check heartones and feel where the top baby is. We think she might have a short cord or a cord wrap and that's why she's hanging out so high. She's moved positions about 6 times in the last 3 days. Once it's time for real I think she'll just get down there.

I'm drinking my birth tea from my blessingway and I'm going to walk for a while so maybe we'll get some action today! I hope so. Take care mamas!

BTW-not only is tonight the time change which would be cool to have babies on, but tomorrow is 4-4-04. That's so awesome. I would love my babies to have that as a birthday!
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Welcome ADAM!!!! Congratulations!
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Morning ladies! Has anyone else noticed a slow down in movement ? Soencer still moves but its like hes being lazy or just out of darn room.. He doesnt really kick me.. Hasnt really kicked me from the start but does these rolls and bumps .. I am thinking this will be my Lazy one!! Anyhow things are going same ol same ol.. I think he has the hiccups right now bump bump bump bump... Well i can not believe that in 9 days I will be having this baby.. If not before.. Starting to get overwhelemed with all the stuff i still need to do.. Easter is around the corner.. Wonder who will have babies that day??
I agree that 4-4-04 is a cool day to be born.. Well I better get going. I will talk to you mamas later.. Dh is running to Carters to get me a Cheese burger and fries and a soda with Little Ice!!! YUm love little ice! Well gotta go mamas..
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Lisa and Adam- enjoy your babymoon !!!CONGRATS MAMA!!!!!
It sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful staff who really listened to you- what a great thing that is!!!!

We are still here, still huge, still preggo and due any time now. What can I do but wait???
Kendall, when it happens for you, you will have such a fast labor- that is the blessing of being at 9cm now!!!! Good luck, you will be having two new beings on this side real soon.....
Christy- thanks in advance1!! I also got another 12 nb diapers in case.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't think... maria
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Thanks everyone! Here's her hospital picture:


Yay Lisa! Congrats and Welcome Adam!

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Hey Kaylee... The link doesnt work.. Says its incomplete or something.. cant wait to see them
Maria .. I am not sure how many newborns there are.. Like I said I am not real firmular with it and what goes where... I hope you can get great use out of them though!
Weather is soooo crappy here. A storm came in from Mexico and so we are all getting the wrath from it.. Its been rainy since about thursday and will stay this way until Tuesday or so.. I cant wait for it to get on out of here. I hate rain.. Not as much as I hate snow though
Well keep well...
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ok now you should
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I loved reading your birth story, Lisa. How exciting, everybody!!!

Can't wait to hear more from you, Kendall. Today is 4/4/04 and I've had dreams about giving birth the 4th...and my dad dreamed I gave birth 4/4, and my mom that I gave birth in "early April"...but I feel no twinges. Welllllll oh well! All on beantime!
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37 weeks today just one more week intil I get induced that is if I dont go before hand. Me and My Dh are getting so excited. so are the girls. Iam going to clean my house today it really needs it after being sick all week. hope everyone is doing well.

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HiYa!!! Baby is moving like a mad man.. I feel him in my ribs where I havent felt him there at all through this pregnancy.. I am wondering if he is getting ready for his journey! Tomorrow is a full moon so we will see how many will have babies then!!!! Haveing more contractions.. They seem to get a bit stronger but dont last longer then about 30 sec or so... I havent started to count them yet.. dont feel as if i needed to yet.. 39 weeks here. and going ot my last appt on tuesday. We will see if anything has changed down there. I am afraid that If i am dialted some he may make me just go to the hospital then.. I dont really want to do that because i want to wait until my mom gets here the 12th.. But i also dont want ot be walking around with the possibliity of being dialted and having baby so far from hospital... UGH.. We will see. Cold and rainy here. Glad when the storm system moved past.. But we here in Az can always use the rain but doesnt make me like it anymore... YUCK.. well I better get going. starting to thunder. must be a good system for us to get thunder!! Talkt o you mamas soon...
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hiya ~

not much happening here on the baby front.
i threw a 30th birthday party for dh yesterday - OMG, that was hard work. i was on my feet all day. But we had a lot of fun and he was very appreciative. the guests even got to go on a scavenger hunt.
today was clean-up day and my last massage client i'll be seeing for awhile. i need to rest!

that's about it...we're having glorious 80 degree weather here. I love that!!!!
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IM so tired! I feel like I could just sleep and sleep alll day long.. Dh made a big Mexican feast for lunch. So I think all the refried beans I had sticking to my ribs havent helped a bit Oh well anyhow I think tonight we will turn in early.. I never can sleep until dh is home from work... He is working 4-midnight until he goes on vacation on the 10th.. So I think I can handle it....
Jen I miss my 80 degrees lol.. But it will be back after this stupid system gets past.. Wed nice again YEA>. I guess thats the price i pay for living in the mountains desert lol... When it rains it rains.. Then we wont see rain for months and months at a time.... Going to take a nap
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OOooooooooooh I got all excited because I felt fairly continuous contractions...somehow knew they were not "it" but also somehow feel I have opened up a bit...is that even possible without losing the mucous plug?

Also---MIL says that unless they hurt or feel like I ate something bad it's not "real" labor...does it always have to be uncomfortable? Can you start and it's not uncomfortable?

I'm such a newbie.
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Who do you think will go next? I think mommajublie will go next.

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:LOL , i wish Christina! i think of anyone here i have had the fewest number of "signs" that it may happen anytime soon. who knows what that means though. :

elsanne ~ no, it doesn't have to hurt to be "real" labor! i was in labor a loooong time before it even got uncomfortable. sort of felt like mild menstrual cramps for a while for me.

christy ~ now it's really cold here! our house has no insulation, so once the sun goes down it's damn chilly. i'm wearing a sweater and a scarf in the house now. : i wish our heating wasn't electric...too expenive to be running much.
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It's soooo funny how we all have different experiences for going into labor! I was just going to say that I think it *does* need to "hurt" to know you're in labor. I have lots of spells of contractions that are timeable and uncomfortable but never go anywhere. It's not untill I'm hurting alot more that I "know"!!

Christymama: I think the baby is still moving quite abit, but maybe like you said thats a personality thing. He/she does get hiccups ALLLLL the time, several times a day-sometimes they are so hard I don't know how they can't be uncomfortable becasue the are to me!!!

I canceled my app for today and decided to make it for Friday, I'll probably have them strip me again if I havn't gone by then.

I'm so glad we got throught the weekend and were able to celebrate my son's birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I went into labor 3 years ago today, so maybe... (I actually conceived on the same day 3 years ago as this pregnancy-how strange is that!!??)

mum2lillie: How far away are your midwives, I'd think at 9cm they could just pop out at any second!!
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I cant believe the full moon has past, its april 5 and nothing has happened here! I mean nothing!!! not one sign 5 days later- he hasnt even dropped, I feel great, not even uncomfortable...

Major hormonal, crying, hitting (me to him) emotional fight this weekend with dh, that his lack of comforting me TOTALLY escalated. It was horrible. but totally over now and My eyes are almost not swollen from crying anymore. If he had just been loving and comforted me it would have been fine, but I totally spun out of control. really psychotic. hormones and stress are a deadly duo!!

A friend here who is due a week later than me had her baby this morning...

maybe it will never happen, maybe I have a block against birth and actually having a baby maybe Im not up to the responsibility...

doc appt tomorrow. he wants to discuss inducing before 42 weeks. dh agreed with me we dont need to do anything before 42 weeks so thats good.

sort of tired and discouraged here.

great weekend besides though. pretty weather, nice walks we worked in the yard, went to grocery store...

how is everyone?
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aww coco.. It will happen! Most first babies are overdue anyhow... By the time you have your second and third you will be a pro and feel so much better about everything.. My first was three days early.. But I think the date was wrong they changed it a few times during my pregnancy! Then with my second I was almost 3 weeks overdue... So I know the waiting game totally sucks and can be stressful.. Be calm and just enjoy the time you have left to yourself and your dh.. Baby cant stay in there forever thats for sure...
Bellafinn With my first I lost my plug and went into labor the very next day.. I didnt have any pain but just a uncomfortable gassy feeling.. Went in and sure enough was in labor.. I was glad cause I didnt know what the heck i was doing LOL.. With mysecond I had false labor about 5 times and wound up in the L&D room.. But still had to be induced at almost 3 weeks over.. : The contractions I had with her were hard and very painful and so thats why I thought it was the real thing each time but it wasnt..: This one I have had some contractions.. Some a bit uncompfortable some not so bad.. BUt with each of the pregnancies being so different I just dont know whats what anymore LOL..
I go to the dr tomorrow woohoo woohoo. My very last appointment and then in 7 days I have my baby!!! If not before hand... I am super excited and cant wait.. I am still freaking that I can have him on my own and not get to the hospital in time.. That is such a scary thought for me.. Well I feel good today.. Some mild cramping and lower back pain .. Nothing wonderful.. Well I better get going.. Talk to you mamas soon!!!
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