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Missed twin on ultrasound?

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I know it's extremely rare, but I'm wondering about an u/s tech not seeing a twin on an ultrasound. I'm planning my first homebirth, and I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I know without a doubt when I ovulated because I got pregnant directly after a miscarriage (no period in between) and my hcg levels were tested after the miscarriage to make sure they were down to less than two, and then less than two weeks later they were tested to confirm pregnancy and see if it was viable. The levels were rising very quickly. I had a lot of morning sickness, even though I didn't really have a lot with my son, and I just felt huge. I got a viability u/s at ten weeks and they saw a baby measuring 10w3d, hb 175. I transferred care to a CPM and my first appointment was yesterday. She checked my belly and said I was huge. She said my uterus was very close to my belly button, weeks higher than it usually is. I measured totally normally with my son, never big. She seemed to trust the u/s, though, and didn't think I need another one. Since then, though, I've been freaking out, wondering if they maybe just missed another baby in there. I googled it, and it apparently does happen sometimes, but it's very rare. Has anyone had this experience? I'm very nervously awaiting my 20 week u/s to see what's going on in there!

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It does happen. I missed a baby at a 6 week ultrasound and very nearly missed him again at 10 weeks.


During the 10 week ultrasound, we just wanted to check that the twins were doing fine.  The OB put the u/s wand on my belly and we saw two lovely little babies moving around with beautifully beating hearts.  Then, we started talking, but she left the wand on my belly.  She caught movement in the corner of the screen while we were talking and then went hunting and found the other baby.  If she hadn't inadvertently left the wand on my belly after she checked the babies, I would have been 20 weeks pregnant before I knew it was triplets.

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We saw twins at 7 weeks and triplets at 9 weeks. I can tell you though that I saw my midwife at about 11.5w and my uterus was very close to my belly button.

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