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Restless and unmotivated

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Anyone else feeling restless and unmotivated? I'm about 12 weeks and for the last week or so I've been both. I want to do something but I don't know what and even though I have things I need to do I can't seen to find the energy our motivation to get them done.
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yes. oh my gods, yes. I want to do so many things but somehow without moving.

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As soon as I saw this thread I wanted to raise my hand. lol.gif  Me, me, me.  Even getting on the computer is somewhat not something I want to do unless I'm watching a movie on it.  I have so much crap to put away and I want to re-organize the living room and I have so many sewing projects, oh and seed starting so I can get my garden planted in a few weeks.  Sigh.

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Me! I'm so tired and sluggish. Wish I could cloister myself away and lay in bed watching movies and sleeping all day. And believe me, I really wouldn't get tired of it.


eta: Oh and Ill be 12 weeks tomorrow, but it's been like this my whole pregnancy. I also had this with my first.

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YES! Me too. My friend came over to help me with work on tuesday and I cried because I was soooo tired and COULD NOT get what I needed to get done. I was trying to ship my orders for my company (www.PrettyPonyInc.com) and I kept getting confused on what I was doing. I feel like I have brain damage! My two friends/part time employees came over today to help me again and I just sat there like a zombie. They eventually decided to take the work home with them and let me sleep. For me, this is really hard. Im usually a GO GO GO GO 24/7 type. I really wish I could just have a really big cup of coffee and get everything done!


Ill be 12 weeks on Monday.

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Wow, again I have to say how refreshing it is to see this... I've been struggling with feeling so sick and unmotivated to do anything. I've actually sunk into a horrible depression because of it. I feel that Im letting my husband, kids and business down. I've started writing about it on my blog, which has been helping... I'm really hoping to feel better soon.

 My Midwife suggested I get a natural supplement called E3Live Brain on. I ordered it last night, it sounds wonderful...has anyone tried it????

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E3Live is amazing.. the BrainOn one would be great in pregnancy. I am taking Vegan DHA : O Mega Zen 3 Liquid Supplement.. I have read people taking DHA and having years of depression lift. I'm taking more for baby and my 1 year old.. hopefully it will be good through my breast milk! It would be something else to look at that (DHA if that E3Live doesn't have it).

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THIS.  We're in the middle of buying a house - I want to declutter already and start packing the not-totally-necessaries, but feel totally tired and overwhelmed.  DD won't be going back to preschool after this year - I want to start doing fun little pre-homeschool activities, but find myself napping on the couch while she plays around me or watches a LITTLE too much TV. blush.gif  And I have work that I know deep down I really care about...  But there's nothing urgent on the calendar right now, and I'm finding it hard to remember why I care so much about it!  I'm trying to remind myself that this is just biology, I should roll with it where I can, and be gentle with myself where I have to get moving anyway.

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yes. oh my gods, yes. I want to do so many things but somehow without moving.


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Im so happy you think E3Live is awesome... I haven't heard from anyone else but my Midwives and I wanted to know how it worked for others. I have taken 2 doses so far and I am just really excited to start feeling it!! I will look into that specific DHA, I do take some, but its done nothing for my depression so far. Thank you so much!!

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Oh yes! My house (until last night) literally looked like a pigstye! It was driving me nuts and laundry was piling up, but I could NOT bring myself to do anything (it doesn't help that my kids - 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) are mess-monsters, lol). My in-laws are over for the weekend so I knew I had to get something done yesterday. Thankfully my hubby did a lot and I dragged myself to do the most necessary things. It was so hard! I keep telling myself (and my dh) in a few weeks I'll feel much better and more motivated!
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me me me!  i'm 10 weeks, and sooooooo tired.  i work full-time, have two little kids to take care of, 3 dogs, i'm doing college courses online, and have various legal things i should really be dealing with.  my house has been going to heck, i finally cleaned it today, but only because it actually almost made me cry when i woke up this morning and saw how horrible it was.  i'm way behind in school, and after work is done for the day i am just DONE and don't have it in me to do anything else.  laundry is piling up like crazy and i don't think i'll ever catch up.  i just want to sleep all the time!  finding energy to do stuff with my kids is nearly impossible, and i feel so bad about it, but i just cannot do it all.  i'm happy if i get anything done--i was pretty happy with myself when i actually did some housework today.


that E3Live sounds interesting...is it a fish oil type thing?  i wish i could take some fish oil, because i've also been dealing with a bout of depression, but i'm on heparin injections for the duration of the pregnancy (i had a DVT during my first pregnancy,) so i'm not supposed to take fish oil at the same time.  :(

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Me! I am so tired even about an hour after getting up.  I have 2 small kids and work full time and just want to lay on the couch all evening!  I have been indulging in a half cup of coffee around 3:30pm and that helps me push through most days...  Looking forward to energy!!!!

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well i did find out today that my thyroid function is a tad low, and i'm anemic.  so i guess that helps explain some of the fatigue.  treating the anemia, but going to wait and see on the thyroid.

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