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Does no shampoo have to be cold turkey?

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I've been planning to slowly wean my hair off of shampoo. I'm worried about quitting cold turkey because I am applying for jobs right now, and I dont' want to look bad in an interview with greasy hair. Right now, I shampoo every two days. I was thinking of moving to every 3 days, then every 4 days, and so on.


But now that I'm reading about the detoxification process, I'm wondering if the slow weaning process is viable. If I keep re-introducing detergents, will my hair ever detoxify?

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Well, I have an update on this. I realized I had a bar of soap called Val's Veggie Bar. The only ingredients seem to be olive oil, salt, and fragrance. So I decided to try using that on my hair, instead of shampoo. My schedule went like this:


Day 0: Washed hair with shampoo. (Hopefully for the last time.)

Day 1: Kept hair dry. It looks fine.

Day 2: Washed hair with baking soda and ACV. It felt soft and clean, but was definitely flatter than when I used to shampoo.

Day 3: Kept hair dry. Hair was a little oily. I was indoors all day, so I let it stay oily.

Day 4: Washed with Val's Veggie Bar. Hair looks a little flat, but clean. Less glossy than before, but that's okay.


I think I can manage without using shampoo from now onwards. I don't need my hair to look great during the detox. I just need it to look acceptable when I'm in public.

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I shampoo about once a week, twice if i have an event and i need it. The way I see it I have to balance living naturally with my life, and going from poing every day to once weekly is an improvement, and as I find the time and am good with it I can stretch that further. Every little bit counts so don't feel like just because you aren't going cold turkey you aren't experiencing benifits ;)

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Even though I no longer use shampoo, I still BS/ACV every 3 days or so when it starts to get greasy. I haven't really tried to go longer and this routine suits me fine. I've been doing it this way for 4yrs now.


I did find there was a bit of a nasty greasy period in around week 6 which took a bit of perseverence!

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I use baking soda/vinegar every other day.  If you have an interview, just wash it that day w/ baking soda or your soap bar. :)

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i had a very hard time in the beginning using a mixture of 1T baking soda to 3Twater. I had to go back to using my old shampoo and conditioner every now and then, but I stuck with the baking soda. I found trimmed my hair to shoulder length helped.

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