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SMO's and sneakers

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Anyone have suggestions as to brands that work well with SMO's?


My DS PT recommended Vans, but they do not come in wides, and I'm assuming thats because they are already wider than most?


I really need something fun, or he's never going to put them on without a huge battle.

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Look at New Balance or Stride Rite.  They both come in wide withs.

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I have used the New Balance XW's and they work great with our SMO's.

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How old is your DS?  Do you have the SMOs yet?  If not, I would definitely recommend waiting until you have them to get the shoes.  Since the support comes from the orthotic, rather than the shoe, you can take the sole of the shoe out, which will make it easier to get on/off.  Stores like payless or target usually have a nice selection at a reasonable price. We didn't have luck with vans, because we had to undo the laces completely, and it took forever.  Right now he's in stride rites that we got on sale.  they are velcro.  He wears cascade molded AFOs, so they come up over the ankle bone, to give you an idea.  Hope that helps :)  

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 We used New Balance wide for our SMO and now our AFOs (Cascade 3.5). Our local vendor has been excellent helping us.


 We even found clips that we use with lace up shoes. They lock the laces and you just have to pop open a clip instead of tying them.



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