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thank you for reminding us that it is a two way street, another thread on the subject did the same and i really learned alot about my unfair opinion on covers that i really didnt even notice i had. all women should feel free to nurse how and where they like to, no matter what that means!

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Wow, just read through this thread and I can't imagine how I would react if I were in any of those situations where someone suggested or told me to cover up b/c breastfeeding uncovered was undignified. I think I would lose it, get emotional, walk away, etc. I don't know if I could hold it together. I've never had that happen to me and I hope I never do!  Velcromom - thank you for the link! 

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I personally feel that a mother should nurse however and wherever she feels most comfortable.  I have nursed in public and not and have covered and not.  A mother should do what is best for her and her baby.  If a mother wants to go out of the room that is her decision, same with using a cover-up, same with not worrying about covering up.  The point for me, is that a woman should not be harassed for breastfeeding her baby, however she chooses to go about it, and it sickens me that there are still morons out there who would have the nerve to say stupid things to women who are just trying to do what's best for their children.

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I support any woman's right to nurse her child however she see's fit.


If she likes a cover, great. There are a lot of reasons why a cover is helpful.


If she doesn't want a cover, great.


If she prefers to nurse somewhere private it, great.


But it should be the her choice. And god help the person who suggests otherwise to me or in front of me.


Maybe I should start going around and asking women to bottle-feed their babies on the toilet.

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I NIP'd without a cover because DD would not tolerate being covered. I did try in the beginning, but DD's needs made me get over being shy. She was a total nurse-o-matic for so long. And while in the end, I decided that I preferred to nurse openly, I don't care if other moms use covers. I might have liked them if they hadn't seemed so cumbersome. I just couldn't seem to get coordinated enough with the cover. lol


Heck, I used to nurse my toddler at the kiddie play area at the mall in front of the big Victoria Secret posters and store. Thankfully, no one ever bugged me about it because I'm in a fairly liberal area with a very pro-breastfeeding hospital.


Hope you all don't have to deal with this type of attitude again.

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I've NIP with & without cover and felt pretty dignified both ways.  With DD, I ALWAYS covered up because I felt shy and DD needed a cocoon for settling down to eat.  Plus I really like my cover and think it's pretty!  And partly because it never occured to me not to use the cover.  Fast forward to DS....I end up nursing without a cover more than with.  I'm waaaaaaay over my shyness phase for one.  And frankly between my toddler and a newbornI just don't have time to use it sometimes .  I just have to nurse when needed ASAP.  I'm also nursing more in a carrier/wrap so they kinda double duty a "cover".  Whatever works works, kwim?  But I'm also lucky to be in a crunchy area where tons of people babywear and breastfeed.

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I can think of a couple of things that are truly undignified....


1) Staring at another woman's breasts

2) Diarrhea of the mouth


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