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is there such a thing as too MUCH pooping???

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really....it's not exagerating that dd can poop 5 times a day. this morning we've already had 3. we're talking real poops (as in quantity.)


she's 16 months and has been exclusively on solids for a month or so. before that she had only been getting a bottle to go down for her nap and at night. she does eat a lot of food, but really???


i'm just wondering if anyone would consider this a medical issue? she has dropped in weight percentile which is what made it a question for me. could her body just be TOO efficient? 

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Hmm. My DS 2.5 has ALWAYS pooped WAY more than any other kids (and adults!) I know. 5 or 6 times a day is not abnormal at all. He eats a very clean whole foods diet with lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains, fiber...the works! He also technically dropped in the weight percentile but he was exclusively breastfed as an infant which I think often puts them in a higher weight category to begin with. And now he has "fallen off the curve" but neither his dad or I are large and he is healthy, active, and growing taller at a super fast rate. So all that is to say that it is certainly normal in my personal experience. If your DD seems to be sick or your gut says something is wrong than check with your doctor but otherwise I say go with it. At least we aren't dealing with awful constipation issues that many moms have to deal with!

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My DS goes a couple days without going (though not constipated) and then when he does go he will often go up to 4 times/day... I don't worry about it much because he's always been like that. However he has also dropped in weight percentiles from age 1 to age 2, so I can't say much as far as that. And he doesn't eat much in terms of solids. I'm inclined to say your DD is probably fine (as long as she doesn't seem dehydrated or in pain or anything!) but if you are worried, call your doc!
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I wonder the same thing about my DS.  He's almost 23 mths and can go 4-5, sometimes 6 times a day.  But like healthy momma, he eats a very whole foods, organic, lots of fruit & lots of water diet.  I think its just his normal bodily function because the poops are watery or bad, just frequent.  Oh, he weighs 28 pounds right now too.

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My son is good for 4 poops a day. He's in the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight so I don't think weight is a factor. I asked my ped about it and he just laughed and said while it's not common, it's totally normal.


I'm curious about how this might affect potty training tho. Will it make it more difficult when they poop so often?

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I would say that if she has been dropping weight that I'd perhaps investigate it if there is no change in a month or two. Are the poops "normal" in texture/colour (or any food chunks evident in them)? My DS was pooping 5-6 times a day and ended up being diagnosed as celiacs. Upon removing gluten he dropped to 2-3 a day and now is a once a dayer. The main concern I'd have (aside from dropping weight, although that could just be a transition in the diet) would be if the nutrients are being absorbed or passed right through.


I did pass it off as "ok" back when he was this age as I asked a similar question on a message board and was reassured all was normal...it could be for most, but I personally would investigate it a little more in a few months based on my own experience (not saying this could be celiacs, could be other food intolerances as well).

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good to know.

i'm not especially worried but i had been thinking maybe it was a little strange. we do have an 18 month appointment soon so i'll ask the ped.

we're also not super concerned about the weight "loss" because she was a breastfed baby, she had just started walking at her last appointment, and she really doesn't drink much milk which most kids gulp down by the gallon (giving them a calorie advantage just from beverage.)


i agree it's nice not to worry about constipation and i also give her poopy foods like figs etc... without a second thought because it's not like she's not already pooping all the time. 

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