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our girls are here!

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both complete breech, born at home. baby a into water, b on my bedroom floor.

baby a: 2/14/2011 10:05p 5lb2oz 18"
baby b: 2/15/2011 12:20a 6lb3oz 19"

baby a: rowan bee (rowan was a name i'd held on to during my pregnancy and said that if baby a was truly a red head like i'd pictured her...i'd call her rowan. it means 'little redhead' and is also the name of a tree in ireland. she's also coincidentally the smallest of the two. bee is a name for my sister melissa, whose name means 'honeybee' and my bff bethany, who we call b.)

baby b: lennox aileen (it started to rain just after baby b was born. i suggested to hubs we call her raine and he thought of the song 'here comes the rain again' by annie lennox and suggested lennox...this is a really out of the box idea from hubs so i just had to go w/ it. aileen is his grandma's name.)

birth story to come. :)

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Wow!  Congrats mama!  Sounds like a lovely birth.  Enjoy your babymoon.

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Congratulations! Your birth (and names) sound wonderful!

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Congratulations and welcome little babies! What beautiful names... and having separate birthdays?! Very cool! Looking forward to the story.

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Congratulations!  I think you were due right before me.  That makes it all too real!!!  Sounds like you had a really lovely birth.  

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