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Why do I get so angry?

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Why do I get so angry when vaccine misinformation is spread by the media & medical establishment?  Should I just be content with my health kid & being able to make my own health choices?


I need to get this under control.  I'm pregnant & every time this issue comes up I get incredibly upset & outraged.  My child is safe so shouldn't I just chill out on this?




Someone said I get like this b/c I'm an Indigo.  I am trying to channel some of my frustration into compiling all of my research into a book of sorts.


Here's what set me off....

A popular "Dr" show just did an Autism segment yesterday. I am sick of these popular TV shows, watched by millions of people, spreading misinformation about vaccines& autism in such a convincing way that a lot of people are going to believe them.  Some whoppers (not being vaccinated is like riding in a car without a carseat OR delayed vaccination is dangerous b/c no one remembers to get the vaccines OR more importantly why is no one asking the real questions, e.g.  are there any studies proving the safety current AAP vaccine schedule OR why does the US vaccine 2-3X more than other "healthier" countries but have way more autism & much worse infant mortality not to mention worse overall health).  Yeah, I could go on with the examples.


I feel like parents who know & ask the right questions need to contact the powers that be these one-faceted or outright one-sided stories appears.  There is another very popular Dr who often does guest appearances & reports on one of the major networks.  (I'm not sure if I can mention names even though I'd love to.)  Every time I see a show like this, I e-mail a complaint.  I hope that other like-minded parents do too!

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I feel you  and occasionally I will send a email expressing my disgust as well, but I have found that the Bulls... just gets me too riled up. I don't need any extra aggravation in my life. I have enough as it is yk? So I just don't watch the stuff most of the time. I turn the channel when I know a segment will be biased. Perhaps if more people did send emails and express their feelings, things would chnage, so I do know how important it is for people to speak out BUT at the end of the day, I need to manage my own stress level and watch out for my health so I have to know when Im not in the right frame of mind to deal with all the misinformation and just concentrate on me and my littlke family.


I would certainly not be allowing myself to get stressed out and riled up if I were pregnant!!

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Why do you get so angry?  Because the misinformation could and will probably infringe on your rights.  Just this week, I had to send a letter to my state senator about a bill coming up that will change our vaccine exemption laws.  I'm furious.  One of the reasons for this change??  Lazy parents.  Yep, parents who forgo vaccines are lazy, didn't you know?  I sent a letter letting my state legislators know that laziness is not a reason that I've ever seen for not vaccinating. I didn't go into my reasons for not vaccinating, but i let them know that their law was insulting and that I know many people who don't vaccinate and that each one of them took the decision very seriously.   I also pointed out some conflicts of interest with some of the people supporting the bill.  What can you do?  I"m sure my letter was barely even looked at, although I did get a weak response from 2 of them.  The law passed the house and is going to the senate and will probably pass there.  Sickening. 


That's why I get mad at the misinformation...because it'll become law and affect me.

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I am right there with you. I am not pregnant, although I would love to be again.

But I do completely freak when I see these BS stories on mainstream media. They are so full of it.


I have a healthy son and am grateful beyond measure. But I cringe when friends go get the shots and then their babies get 'fussy' or 'hot' or out and out sick, or scream like crazy for days. And they NEVER suspect the vax. Everything but. Because they have been brainwashed by the 'experts' that there is no connection.


I have 2 friends who had a perfectly healthy little girl... until the MMR.


The little one was sick with a cold at her 15 month check up.  The mom asked if it was safe to give her the MMR because she was sick.  The doctor said, "yes, it is safe".  Then they gave her the shot.  Then the Dr gave her some Tylenol for the shot and some Benadryl for the congestion of her cold saying all these meds were fine.

Her cold got worse.  They took her back to the doctor a few days later.  The covering physician prescribed an antibiotic for a possible bacterial infection.  They asked if it was OK to give her antibiotic since she just had her MMR vaccine.  She was told it was perfectly safe.

Suddenly the baby zoned out and slumped over in a daze.  They could not snap her out of it.  She lost interest in learning how to walk and just wanted to be held.  She wouldn't respond to her name or favorite toys.  She would curl into a ball and stare into space.  Their bubbly, giggly toddler would no longer communicate.

They rushed her to the doctor who upon examining her told them this reaction "was the antibiotic and they should take her off immediately".  They did and the zoning out stopped.  But thhen she no longer said words, looked at anyone or acknowledged anyone in the room. 


When they took her to the park she screamed when put on the swing.  She played with toys differently and began to eat inedible objects and substances like dirt, paper and Styrofoam.  It has been 18 months and she is still damaged. 


That is why I get angry at these professionals who claim this is all ok and just a coincidence and that they arent certain what causes this but it could never be the MMR. 


What a croc of S.

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I no longer get upset over the vaccine push in the media,but I still watch exemption laws closely. Maybe with time your anger will lessen. Gotta keep an eye on the laws though!

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If you're anything like me, you're angry because the corporate media promote corporate interests to sell vaccines and they disguise it all as hard-hitting "news" instead of what it really is, a giant and ridiculously dishonest infomercial. And you're angry because your tax dollars are used by the corporate-controlled establishment in government to create compulsory vaccination programs that will force you to buy a product you don't want and don't trust, or jump through various unconstitutional hoops to avoid being forced to buy that product, the makers of which, by the way, you cannot sue if that selfsame product harms you or your child.


People who aren't angry aren't paying attention IMO.

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I agree with all of the above, plus like you, I am also pregnant, so we certainly don't need this kind of stress.  Like another poster mentioned, all of this nonsense on vaccines and the misinformation affects our future laws.  I am currently fighting bills that are trying to be passed in my state as well that infringe upon parental rights. I wrote a letter to every single congressman/assemblyman.  Most of them probably threw it away, and some actually wrote me back indicating basically they don't care and are still supporting the bill because of how "vaccines save lives."  I'd rather not even hear back from those idiots, honestly. 


I can't stand that we have to go through this as parents.  It pisses me off that this is the stuff we have to go through to protect our kids and do what WE feel is right for them, not what some drug-pushers who make millions off vaccines feel is right.  It's the loss of control that makes me mad. I actually don't get as upset now as I used to because I think positively, and  I do think it will turn around one day because more and more people are getting aggravated as the envelope is being pushed too far anymore.  The more angry people there are, the more pushback there will be. It may take a long time but I do like to think there are many professionals behind the scene fighting back for us all as well.


Oh, and I'm guessing one of the doctors you are referring to is Dr. Oz, right? I just remember the whole ordeal with the H1N1 vaccine and how he promoted it so much, particularly for pregnant women and kids, but then said that his wife and kids weren't going to even get the shot.  I find him to be such a sham.

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I get angry because misinformation results in paranoid parents who think that non-vaxing or selective/delayed vaccinating parents are neglectful, abusive, should be thrown in jail, should not have access to public schools or any other government benefits, etc. None of them want to admit that the vaccines aren't perfect. If their vaccinated child gets a VPD, the fault doesn't lie with the vaccine, it's all the fault of the parents who DIDN'T vaccine their disease-ridden, germ-spreading spawn.


I also get angry because I think vaccine misinformation creates a false sense of security along with a real ignorance: if you vaccinate, your child will be fine. You don't need to worry about a VPD. As a result, we have doctors who don't know how to diagnose measles because they've never seen a case before, and we have parents who don't know how to treat these diseases. I have yet to meet a single pro-vax parent who knew that you should give vitamin A when you suspect your child has measles, and you should NOT give fever reducers. Really, you're so worried about your baby getting measles before he/she is old enough for the MMR, and you haven't bothered to read anything on beyond a few sensational newspaper articles? I'm going off on a tangent now, but yeah, I understand the anger and the frustration.

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