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In order of importance (besides car seat), what baby gear is needed the first 6 months? - Page 2

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WOW! Thanks Punk Elmo for the awesome list!  Thanks BeanieC for this thread, it helped me out a bunch, as I'm sitting here trying to figure out all the stuff that I need to put on this registry.  Its so overwhelming, I'm a 1st time mom as well.  Did or does anyone use Wishroll or The things I want registry? Or prefer one over the other?  I'm trying to figure out the best registry for registering at many different stores/websites.  (I'm trying to not use Target, Babies R us, Walmart, or any other big corporate stores that use child labor/sweatshop labor & other unethical practices)

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Good point awakenedheart...I haven't thought of not using one of those stores, but I'm glad you mentioned that.  What are your thoughts on amazon.com?

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I don't use Amazon either.  They sell fur. go to:  www.furkills.org for more info on the cruelty behind the fur industry.    

I prefer Overstock.com (who stopped selling fur),  for their lower cost items that I can't seem to find used or local.  

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We all loved the bouncy seat almost from day one (purchased used) until he hit the weight limit.

I never had a specific nursing chair, but really loved my nursing stool (Medela I think).

The exesaucer was a huge hit at 4 months (free used, they are huge and people don't want to store them, you see them used everywhere).

We never did a swing or a pack and play. We did buy a pea pod travel bed and do use it when away overnight (when he does not just decide to sleep with us).

Moby wrap was not a huge hit with our son, unless he was asleep, but he was the exception that does not like to be swaddled. He loved a Mei Tai.

I never really liked the baby bath tub, loved getting in the big tub with him once we started. So we gave away the tub and have not got one for #2.


For smaller stuff.

we love cloth diapers. and wet bags.


cloth wipes. For buts, more for faces, more for bath. You can not have too many.


something to corral the diaper stuff in when you go out. A diaper bag, or something to put into your bag.


diaper changing place. I love my change table (I bought a second when he outgrew the little Ikea one), others never use theirs. You also need something to change them on (our travel change pad was a folded recieving blanket.


stain remover. Bio Kleen Back Out foaming stain remover.


clothing: loved nightgowns, hated sleepers. I know people with the opposite opinons. New baby clothes are a huge bargen used. Robbiez et al. are the only thing that kept socks on my son.


I like my Medela pump in style.


Gerber birdseye diapers as burp, drool, spit up, nursing leak cloths.


I love Knickernappies nursing pads. I needed them for a year, I know others you never needed any.

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Just a few notes on cloth diapering.
We love cloth. In addition to the usually touted benefits it is wonderful at containing newborn breastfeed poo. Real elastic! And it is much nicer to wash diapers then poopie clothes, baby and baby hair.

One size diapers rarely fit newborns. Most families at the shop where I work choose to do prefolds and covers at first. Bummies makes a nice kit if you want to buy it all in one box. Infant prefolds fit until 15 lb and most one size diapers fit around 10 lb (less if they get the nice chunky thighs).

Soaking is no longer recommended for cloth diapers. It will quickly destroy the waterproofing in covers, pockets and all-in-ones (called PUL) and slowly destroy cottons etc.

Exclusively breastmilk poop is water soluible and goes right into the diaper pail and wash. Once you start soilds, you can shake or scrape it off, use flushable biodegratable liners or use a diaper sprayer (my favourite).

If you are using fleece lined diapers, Burt's bees is not cloth diaper safe. Grandma Els or Gro Via Magic Stick are safe for all cloth diapers and easy to pick up when you buy your diapers. There are lots of smaller brands too, just make sure they are safe for your kind of diapers.


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  • cloth diapers - we're probably going to get a sampling of one-size fuzzibunz, bumgenius, bummis, and some pre-folds, maybe the jillian's diaper try cloth for $10? and then probably purchase more of what we like - we'll see how EC is going too ;)
  • wipes - cloth wipes with homemade solution
  • diaper bag - Red Oxx bordeaux gator bag (expensive, but SO worth it) - doesn't look like a "diaper bag" & is usable for decades - HUGE plus for me!
  • changing pad - I like the skip hop pronto changer - will fit in almost any bag, or can be taken around on its own - might need 2 or 3 - one that stays at home, one in my bag, one in DP's bag?
  • wetbag - a MUST for cloth diapering, we liked the designs and reviews of the Planet Wise diaper bag for traveling, plus something larger to go inside a lidded garbage can at home.
  • washing/soaking supplies - debating the sprayer that attaches to toilet and/or a good soak bucket.

we're not planning on using creams/powders/whatever unless there's an issue that requires them - if we do, we'll use burt's bees or another natural product.  Also, we decided a changing table is not necessary - any flat surface covered with a towel and/or changing pad (even my closet dresser drawers!) will do!

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stain remover. Bio Kleen Back Out foaming stain remover.

yeahthat.gif  BacOut is AWESOME... a must for anyone with kids or pets - gets urine/poop smells OUT! :)


Thanks for all the diaper info too - I figured I'd have to do something different for the newborn dipes - my friend who's a super-crunchy doula actually recommends disposable for the first couple of days because of meconium poos (yum! :-P), even though she ALWAYS uses cloth otherwise.

I HAD read that all you needed to do was remove the solids and toss in the bucket - I mentioned soaking based on my experience with cloth pads :)


Also, I totally agree with whoever said they wanted to avoid all those big box stores... they just make me want to run away from my uterus everytime I look in them (or the baby section of Target, etc)... so much plastic, so much JUNK, so many weird-smelling products.... maybe it's just me. 

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I just cut up an old flannel recieving blanket to us as liners for the first few days to catch the black poop. Somehow it seems fitting that little pink and purple butterflies will catch it.

Poop is way easier (though by toddler smellier) to get out than blood.


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Thanks for all the diaper info too - I figured I'd have to do something different for the newborn dipes - my friend who's a super-crunchy doula actually recommends disposable for the first couple of days because of meconium poos (yum! :-P), even though she ALWAYS uses cloth otherwise.

I HAD read that all you needed to do was remove the solids and toss in the bucket - I mentioned soaking based on my experience with cloth pads :)

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I have limited space too and actually am getting a pack n play now because we'll use the bassinet part for baby to sleep and it'll be good for putting baby somewhere safe away from the other two if I need to put baby down. I definitely love a ring sling for early days and got a moby wrap to try out this time. You may want to have a couple types. I found that ds didn't like anything but the ring sling even as he got a little older and could sit up in a different position he wanted that newborn cradle hold in the ring sling instead of sitting up in the others. He wanted both my hands holding him in those positions. (Of course the child is almost four and still likes to curl up in my lap like a baby. rolleyes.gif I am getting a moses basket also for baby to cosleep in our bed. I do have a bouncer and a swing for options for somewhere for baby to sit safely and play while I'm doing things (like cooking when baby can't be in sling) but it's true that some babies prefer one or the other or don't like either. I have the travel size swing that can fold up and like it a lot better than a large swing. That's all the gear I have for now. I do have a bumbo seat that will be used for baths, feeding, and play later. I have never owned a high chair and much prefer the foldable seat that straps to a normal chair. Those things are amazing and can be found for around $10! I do want to get a stroller but since I won't be going anywhere much while baby is tiny and use a sling for the first few months I won't get a stroller until later. I also prefer the smaller stroller (similar to an umbrella but sturdier, around $30 to buy at Walmart, not sure what they are called exactly). It's less bulky than the travel system setup, easier to navigate/use, and sturdier/better than the cheapo umbrella stroller. Later on (if we have the space or setup for it) I like having a walker and a exersaucer is great (similar to walker but with more toys and stationary) but those are for infants so wouldn't be purchased until later around 6mos or so. Hope that helps.


Oh on the pump.... There is no real need to purchase an expensive pump if you can rent one and don't anticipate needing it but I would pick up a small pump (single electric or manual either one can be bought for about $30) just in case. Even if you don't go to work you may need it. I had an oversupply and would choke ds with letdown if I didn't pump a little off before nursing until my supply evened out. He would get fussy and not nurse if I didn't. I just pumped a little just enough to start letdown and then nursed. That way it didn't increase supply but he wouldn't be drowned. This was just in the first couple weeks. Just thought I'd mention it. Plus that way you have one on hand if for some reason you needed it and could even pump a little to have some on hand if you wanted. I like to have the small pump and a bottle or two just in case even if I don't anticipate using them.

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Oh just saw someone else mentioned a nursing chair and stool. I never had a stool so can't speak for them. I did have a rocking chair and while it was nice I actually preferred to nurse on the couch. I absolutely LOVED my boppy and used it when I nursed and the chair just wasn't suited for me, boppy, and babe but that might have just been my comfort level. I wouldn't go without my boppy either - one of the first baby things on my list. I tried the my brest friend and hated it although I've seen others say the opposite.

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I love this:)

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I got a Boppy thrown in when I bought a crib from a friend who was moving and it worked for me. What I loved was the Medela nursing stool. Not big, but it changed the whole position of my legs and made comfortable nursing so much easier. I never had a special chair and usually used the couch.

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I am expecting kiddo #3 so I'm thinking about what I will take out of the attic in the next week or so:


- Arm's reach mini-co sleeper.  We co-sleep but there are times when baby is napping or sleeping and I am not in the bed to watch over. Namely, I have two smallish dogs and can never predict when they might jump on the bed. 

-- cloth diapers

-- baby tub - I have an infant tub that has a sling that goes in it and is arched.  Loved that for giving baths as I could either put it in the tub or right on the counter

-- Kick and play seat- this seat was great for when I took a shower and baby was awak and alert.  When baby is really small and napping we would actually put a pillow in our oval laundry basket, rest baby in there and put the basket in the bathroom.  Essentially turning it into a moses basket.

-- Slings- I am a huge fan of my moby wrap and my Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch.  I'm not sure what I'll do about my fleece pouch as both my girls were early Fall babies and this kiddo will be late Spring, leading into summer.  I think I need a new pouch that is a cooler material.

-- infant car seat

-- rocking chair- I love my gliding rocker for nursing and putting a baby to sleep

-- breast pump- I have a Medela pump in style that was bought about 6 yrs ago.  I love it.  As far as nursing goes, I agree, be determined to make it work and understand that the first 6 weeks there will be hurdles to overcome but if you persist it will pay off.

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I found the cradle/swing I have wanted since DD (3.5) was born at consignment for $45 last week! We've got the bouncy seat in case the swing is too much at first. The Pack N Play we have has a changing station and (For who mentioned no bells and whistles) the electronic stuff is removable. I have a changing table on my registry that matches the crib we use as a sidecar cosleeper, but it's on the "not necessity" list. I think the only things that are left on my list that are necessity are the momma cloth I'm working on and the XS Fuzzi Bunz that I'm waiting to order on Earth Day. DS1 is 2, and was a spring newborn (yes, Feb is spring here in FL) so all my newborn stuff is 95% short sleeve so it'll work. And of course I saved everything. I saved everything from DD too, in case we only saw unbilical cord. All our newborn stuff is in the same box, so I have to sort the boy/girl stuff out.

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We have so much Stuff we hardly ever used for DS. I'd wait on the swing, bouncy seat, high chair, bumbo, baby bath, all that stuff. Alot of that is helpful once you figure out your baby. I rarely put DS in the big bulky swing we got simply because he was colicky and hated being restrained. I honestly didn't use the sling with him until he was 6 months though, but that was mostly due to the colic. Wearing him didn't sooth him, it made him restless. So yeah, I basically had to carry him around with me or leave him on the floor with some toys for about 5 minutes at a time. As long as money isn't an issue and you can wait until after birth for a lot of that stuff(not relying on baby showers to get what you need) then I'd wait! Oh and I agree with the other posters, go into bfing with a mindset that it will work, and don't even consider buying formula unless you absolutely have to! I know if I had formula laying around in those first few weeks, I probably would have caved..I BF'ed DS until 21 months, but the first few weeks were hard, not impossible though!

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We're expecting baby #3 and I'm trying to keep things to a minimum this time.  Things on my list include the carseat and stroller frame (though this may change if we sell my van and get an apartment in the city - then I'll probably look for one of those cool convertible strollers on craigslist), mini co-sleeper, bouncy seat or swing (a MUST for getting a shower in), ergo w/ infant insert, moby wrap, cloth diapers & wipes, diaper bag, onesies and sleepers, and a few blankets.  Still debating whether or not to get an infant bath...  I've never used one that I liked, but I'm considering one of those tummy tubs this time.

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