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This sounds a lot like my DS.  He didn't even say Mama until he was 2.  We did do sign language and I would guess he knew 200 signs by the time he started talking, which helped us A LOT!  I went with my gut and my instinct told me that he was fine.  He excelled in other areas (spacial) and was very social, so I thought he was fine.  He's now a perfectly normal 7yo.  I doubt that language will ever been his strong suit, but everyone has their own personalities and learning styles.  If you feel that you LO is okay, then he probably is.  Some kids just talk later than others.

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At 19 months my son said very little, and i wrote a similar thread to yours.Now at 26 months he knows probably a couple hundred and starting to string together sentences, knows all his letters, numbers, shapes and colors.  But i would say most of the speech he used now has developed in the last couple months, and probably nearly 20% in the  last couple weeks. Based on my own experience, I personally wouldn't worry much about it yet,if he seems to be developing fine in other areas and understands when you speak to him.


Also my stepson only spoke a few words till he was almost four, then started speaking in full sentences almost overnight, and now at nearly six he has an excellent vocabulary.

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just to reassure you....my older boys were complete opposites. I swear one came out talking and the other at 2 yrs said the odd word. At 3 he still couldn't say "s".  

Now the one who was a late talker does really well in school with little effort. The one who did is a slow learner and has been held back a grade.

Now i have a 2 yr old who talks about everything. I have had so many people tell me she is so smart and gifted. Also i have seen Moms compare and feel like their child is way behind. It does make life easier...no tantrums out of frustration BUT that's it. Just be aware that your baby understands so much more than you may realize!

In a class of 5 yr olds you couldn't pick out who talked/walked first.

Hope this helps.

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I haven't read all the replies but I wouldn't worry yet. He's still really young. A friend of mine is a speech language pathologist and when I talked to her about some concerns I had about my youngest DS when he turned 2 (will be 3 in May), she wasn't worried at all. But, I know it's hard not too worry! We are moms after all! :)


My oldest boy didn't start talking until he was almost 3. He would occasionally repeat words or short phrases but mostly talked in this nonsense jibberish that made perfect sense to him. Then one morning, he literally woke up and started talking in complete sentences! And he hasn't stopped since (he's almost 8 now, lol). He's always been a bit of a perfectionist and he's always been one of those kids who likes to make sure he *really* knows what he's doing before he does it. And I really think that was the case with his speech... he wanted to make sure he could get *all* the words out before really talking. He did end up in speech therapy his 2nd year of preschool but that was due to the fact he had trouble making some sounds (s, l, f, th).


DD, OTOH, was an exceptionally early talker (which I was told was unusual for a 2nd child).  By the age of 2, she was able to carry on a conversation and speak in long, descriptive sentences.


My youngest boy has fallen somewhere between DS1 and DD, speech development-wise but closer to the end DS1 was on. By 2, he wasn't say much but now at 33 months, he's had a huge language explosion in the last six months and while he still isn't the clearest speaker, most people can figure out what he's saying. He attempts to repeat almost everything others say and is starting to use longer sentences.


So while I got a little long winded, I just wanted to show you what a range of "normal" there is for speech development. DD was a bit of an exception but both my boys have been considered with in the range of normal.

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My now six year old wasn't talking at 2.5 (he had maybe 5 words?). As a first time mom, I was worried (oh, how I fretted!). I put him in speech therapy (which was a fabulous experience, by the way! Very fun), and within 4 months, he was talking "normally." 


How he never, ever, ever, (EVER!) stops talking. redface.gif


Moral of the story? Don't worry too much. Try speech therapy if you're so inclined. But don't worry. 

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