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Please vote on my tagline!

Poll Results: What tagline do you like best with the name "Kijani"

  • 25% (2)
    Making green affordable
  • 12% (1)
    Affordable, earth-friendly living
  • 37% (3)
    Affordable green living
  • 12% (1)
    Unique * Affordable * Earth-friendly
  • 12% (1)
    Reuse * Recycle * Recreate
  • 0% (0)
    Don't really like any of them!
8 Total Votes  
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After the feedback I received in my last post, I've been rethinking my tag line and what I want to focus on with my business.  I would love some help deciding on the tagline.  The name of my business will be "kijani" which means green in swahili.


The main focuses on my business will be:


 - selling upcycled items, both online and locally at hopefully a farmers market and/or some craft fairs


 - I make my own cleaning supplies and have come up with my own recipes, so I am accepted at the farmers market I hope to sell my homemade cleaning supplies, and might try to sell them in my local co-op as well


 - keeping prices affordable - since I'll be using recycled materials, I hope to keep my prices down.  My DH has been a grad student for the past few years and I want to support WAHMs and buy homemade and natural products but it's hard for us to afford it


 - I plan to have a blog that will be mostly tips on living green/natural on a budget, something I have had a lot of practice in!  I'm not planning to focus on making money from my blog but use it more as a marketing tool


 - I am working with some friends to try to start a business to sell cloth diapers, mama cloth, and upcycled baby/toddler clothes in Kenya.  DH is from Kenya and we could be moving back in the next 1-3 years.  I want the businesses to have the same name, so if we move to Kenya I can just shift gears and keep going with the blog but change my focus to the Kenyan business.


I would love other suggestions for a tagline as well!

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I like Making Green Affordable and Affordable Green Living the most.  Probably prefer Affordable Green Living so will vote for that one.  The reason for this is the fact that your name means green in swahili.  People are not automatically going to know that so I like that the word Green is in the tagline.  I also like that it is simple, to the point, and get the idea across immediately as to what you are all about.  The other one I like is Reuse Recycle Recreate.

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