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Infant back carrying?

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Since my last baby in '04, we've moved to the country, and I am expecting this spring.  I'm a bit out of the baby loop, and wondering about both safety issues and carriers for putting an infant on my back, since this baby will arrive just as we are gearing up for the outdoor work season.  I've been looking at the Ergo with infant insert- has anyone used it for back carrying?  Other considerations?  Thanks!

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If you want to put a smaller infant in a back carry, I'd go with a Beco ButterflyII before I'd go with an Ergo.  The BBII has an internal harness that provides more support for a little one.  The Ergo insert is separate, and I've never read anything particularly positive about it (it can be bulky and awkward, and I can't figure it would be easy to get baby on your back, if it is recommended at all.


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The Ergo infant insert isn't safe for a back carry.  The only carrier I would feel safe using with a newborn (or any baby without head control yet) is a woven wrap.

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Originally Posted by GoGoGirl View Post

The Ergo infant insert isn't safe for a back carry.  The only carrier I would feel safe using with a newborn (or any baby without head control yet) is a woven wrap.



You can't get the infant high enough or secure enough in an SSC to do a safe back carry. Once they have good consistent head control you could use a mei tai, or maybe a SSC, although I find it hard to get an SSC comfy and high enough until the babe is six mos or so. Woven wraps only for back-carrying the squishy little ones, IMO.


There are lots of great videos on youtube if you want to learn. It's worth the efort to learn how to wrap with a woven - they are versatile, beautiful and have the longest life-time and the best resale value.

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As mentioned, the Ergo insert is not meant for back carries. Also, I would not feel safe with a tiny newborn on my back, although I believe some folks do it. We had DS in a Moby when he was newborn, and wrapped snug in there he was very compact and I could actually get stuff done, whereas now that he's bigger he has to go on my back in the Ergo if I really want to do anything.
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Thanks for the helpful info.

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If I were you I would stick with a snug front carry for a newborn. My son was preemie and 5.5 lbs when we brought him home. The moby wrap was really good for carrying the tiny one on my chest with his head just under my chin. Kept him close and I could still get things done. My only concern for you would be both of you over heating. It's worth a shot though. You could make your own moby with a really lightweight cotton fabric. It wouldn't need to be all that strong if you only need it until the baby is big enough for a back carry. Good luck!

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You really can wear your infant safely on your back - it just takes some practice and a good woven wrap. I tracked down two good videos for you tho check out:


Secured High Back Carry:



and Rucksack tied Tibetan:



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