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In regards to education - someone posted their credentials for a school local to them - and I wanted to share the credentials/program of a school near me as well just so everyone can understand that SOME programs are good and SOME programs are bad.  SOME give a wonderful education, and SOME do not.  Carefully choosing your course of study is important.




Medical Terminology


Fetal and Placental Development

Lab Work

Nutrition I

Nutrition II

Drugs and Interventions

Childbirth Education

Communication and Counseling

Risk Factors and Referrals

Basic Prenatal Care

Prenatal Discomforts

Prenatal Complications I

Prenatal Complications II

Labor and Delivery I
Labor and Delivery II

Pelvimetry and Fetal Position

Labor Support

Birth Complications I

Birth Complications II

Birth Complications III

Hospital Transport

Postpartum Normal I

Postpartum Normal II
Postpartum Changes


Postpartum Complications

Newborn Normal

Newborn Complications


It is estimated that the education part only takes approximately 36 months (3 years), then to fulfill our state's requirements and the NARM PEP Requirements another 1-2 years.  So 4-5 years total.  It is then recommended a midwife continue to gain knowledge and experience by apprenticing even further before beginning her own practice.   I feel it is a balanced program for a CNM before seeking licensing.