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Probably the weirdest/dumbest question ever...

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Ok, so this is really odd...My shih tzu smells so bad it makes me gag, BUT he only smells when he gets cold. What the heck? All day long he is my sweet little prince, then he goes outside to go potty and it is all over. If he is out for more than 5 minutes he absolutely REEKS.


He isn't getting into anything, he eats the same things as our big dogs, and I keep him well groomed. He just stinks when it gets cold! Anyone ever heard of this? It is so sad because I either have to keep him inside and give him almost no play time outside (which he loves) or I have to shut him in the laundy room for an hour when he comes back in (which he hates) because no one can breathe. So gross.





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This IS odd!


The only reeking smell I've smelled from a dog is when their glands leak.  Maybe his glands leak in the cold?  (And by glands I do mean the anal ones ;)  )  Perhaps if he isn't regularly groomed you can ask a vet to express them for you.


What kind of "reeking" do you mean?  Skunky/poopie, cheesy, sweaty/musty, etc.

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Can you describe the smell? Could it be that he smells because he gets damp rather than cold? Shih-tzus are prone to skin issues, yeast in particular, and it will smell worse when dog gets damp.
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Thank you for the replies!


The best I can describe the smell is rotten meat and campfire smoke. It isn't just when he gets wet, it's anytime he's cold. He is clipped a little short right now. He was in full coat (and gorgeous if I may say so love.gif) but with some pretty heavy snow this winter, he was coming in looking like a pig in a blanket only instead of bread he was caked with snow. Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because this started after his hair cut. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but thought I would mention it.


Thanks again!

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I really want to hear what others have to say, because my pit bull mix and 12-pound terrier mix have the same problem! During the warmer seasons we hike with them a few times/week and they run with our bikes every day, and they don't come home smelly. I thought their recent odor problem was from getting excited from running in the yard since they don't get much exercise in the winter, so I stopped letting them in the yard and I walk them instead, but they still smell when they come in. Even right after a bath the smell starts to come through! It did start this winter, so maybe it's from the cold. I'm 22 weeks pregnant and so sensitive to smells right now. My poor pit bull is used to being at my side 24/7 and now I can sometimes hardly stand her!

Someone told me to change their diet to any fish-based food. We tried Call of The Wild but it made them fat, so now they're on Purina 1 sensitive stomach and I do think it's starting to help. Maybe try that and I hope it works itself out this spring!

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