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New to CDing and obsessing over diaper stash

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We expecting our second child early this summer and have decided to coth diaper. I have literally done hours of research on different ways to coth diaper and different brands.


I want to do a combination of prefolds/covers with a few pocket diapers. So far this is what I have:


10 covers ( 4 Flip, 4 Kawaii, and 2 Econobum)

5 Indian prefolds (infant)

2 Econobum prefolds

6 Flip stay dry inserts

2 Hempbabies doublers (small)

1 Snappi



In your opinion what more do I need as far as diapers ( I know I will need detergent, wet bags, wipes, sprayer, etc.) ?


Also, I plan on making my own fleece liners, and I need to know if anti pill fleece is okay to use, as I can't find microfleece at my local Joann's.

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IMO You will need more prefolds than the seven. I had 20 and we went through about 10 a day and I wash every other evening.

Also probably a few more Snappis! I started out with 1 and am very cautious about where I put stuff but I still ended up losing it. I have three right now and that seems good.

I made about 40 cloth wipes and we don't even come close to using them all so I'd say more like 15-20 wipes?


Hope that helps :)


Ps: I found out that at night the prefolds were too wet against baby's skin. I notice you have some Kawaii covers (those are my favs!) if you try their overnight diaper you will be in joy.gif it keeps baby completely dry all night. I have two and we rotate them through the wash a lot. Those are Niiiiiice.

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Yes, definitely get more prefolds! You'll run through those that you have in no time. Maybe more wipes, too—my son pees like a madman nearly every time we change him and we use wipes or extra prefolds to block/soak up the pee before it hits us or the changing pad. For actual wiping purposes we only need one per change unless we're dealing with a truly catastrophic poop :P 


Cotton prefolds have been good for us at night so far (no rashes or whatever from the wetness), but I think Jude is definitely starting to react to a dirty diaper now—previously, he didn't seem to care. I'm going to pick up some fleece liners to use on top of the prefolds for at night at least, because they will help him to feel dry for longer. Really, though, we love Rumparooz or AppleCheeks for nighttime when we can. Both are really absorbent and have stay-dry lining. I have heard good things about Kawaii and Go Green overnight diapers, though, for some cheaper pocket options. 

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Thank you so much for the imput ladies. I will put in an order for more prefolds and snappies.


I was considering ordering the Kawaii over night diaper alread, so it's great to hear a review on it. The prices are so reasonable and the prints are super cute. stillheart.gif

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I agree with purchasing more prefolds.  I would also get some fleece and make your own diaper liners. 

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I recently bought some micro fleece (the cutest barn animal pattern) and made 24 liners for less than 50 cents a piece! Great ideal, thanks!smile.gif

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