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Mr. Julian Had His Big Day!

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I have a few while the kids are down in town with my parents and babe is asleep so I thought I would type out his story quick!


After a membrane strip on Monday, being 3 cm and 70% effaced, super soft and stretchy, I had mildly painful contractions, bloody show, for two long days!  Luckily I got sleep on night #2, none on night #1. Yawn!  Went in on Wednesday just to see if they had done anything and to do something, as in talk to someone as I was not having a ton of fun.  I was 85% effaced and nearly 5 cm, bulging bag of waters.  So off to the chiro I went.  Lord that felt good!  Then waited for DS to come home, took him to a friends house where DD had been all day.  Came home, cleaned a bit, packed a bit.  Ate...a lot...orngbiggrin.gif


At this point contractions had gotten closer, five minutes about, but no more painful.  Midwife had mentioned breaking waters, and that this would be a fast way to deliver, she thought.  And to think about it.  So we headed in, still not sure if that's what I wanted to do but ready to be on the path to baby day.


Got there, took a nice warm bath, and said, "OK.  I'm mentally ready to break the waters."  I had the feeling it was going to get intense very fast and wanted to be prepared for that.  The sack was very thick, took two nicks to break it.  Maybe all the RRl tea?  Sat on monitor for a bit to ensure babe was OK, he was.  So up to walk and WOW!  They started, after only one contraction, to come on pretty darn good.  Less than an hour later I knew I was in transition.  At first VERY tired between contractions, like ready to sleep.  Then a bit nauseous.  I really tried to focus on the rushes, to feel what they were doing, and I swear I felt every time the cervix opened, like the widening, a bit of a pinch. I thought that was super cool and it helped me, knowing what was going on.  Then I got a bit grunty and thought it was maybe pushing time.  Was at a ten, head engaged and ready to go.  It all got intense very very quickly.  I squatted DD out but it didn't feel right this time so I went on my side/back, grabbed a leg and pushed.  Holy intense.  Like, yes, pain, but just insanely real and a tad scary (is my crotch going to fall off?!)  I was like a lady with multiple personalities, 'SHIT!  DON'T TOUCH MY LEG LEAVE IT DOWN!!!"  and then "I'm so very sorry.  Please just tell me what to do. *smiles*"  LOL!  Funny after for sure.  Lots of grunting, even a bit of screaming.  Then out came the head, I felt the whole thing as I was intent on pressing on my clitoris to keep it from ripping off (lol).  Then breathe breathe, lift leg back up, and out he came!!  We're talking maybe five minutes of pushing?  As soon as he was out I said, "Well now!  That wasn't so bad!"  They all got a good laugh out of that as it sounded terrible I am sure!  Seriously, though, the INSTANT it was over and he was out I felt amazing, no pain, nothing.  Amazing.  I meant to be calmer during pushing (I'm very good at that during even transition contractions) but didn't fare well there.  Oh well!


One minor tear up top, nothing to repair and I feel great!  He was 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long and was born just before the 10:00 news would have come on, a mere four hours after being admitted.  Intense, fast, unmediated labor.  We are home and happy. Boobs are killing me, but this too shall pass. 


Hope the rest of you, who are hanging in there and were with me on the roll call thread, are getting close.  Think of you all the time, and can't wait to for the big day, each of you!  Oh, a picture or two!  I bet you'd all come and beat me if I didn't include that!





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Oh, and Ingrid Michaelsons album, Be OK played the whole time and it was perfect.  For me, perfect songs to hear as I came out of each contraction.  Love it and her.  Just Breathe amd Oh What a Day wrere the best.


Oh what a day is today
Nothing can stand in my way
Now that you've shipped out from under my skin
I think I'm ready to win

Oh what a night is tonight
I think I'm ready to fight
Now that my broken bones all have been healed
I think I'm starting to feel

Something good
Something good
Now that you're gone I can roll on to something good

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/oh_what_a_day_lyrics_ingrid_michaelson.html
All about Ingrid Michaelson: http://www.musictory.com/music/Ingrid+Michaelson
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Of course, I hear the lyrics, "now that you're gone" as gone from my body.  FYI!  :-)

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so awesome! so happy for you Eleanor! welcome Julian!!! loved the photos! such sweet cheeks and beautiful lips!

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Congrats!  You did great!  Beautiful photos and baby name too!!

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Congrats mama!  He's adorable!

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congratulations! he is beautiful!

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So cute!

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Congratulations! What a beauty he is. And what a powerful birth. Amazing.


Welcome little one! love.gif

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Beautiful baby and beautiful name.  Congrats mama.

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Yay mama!! What a great birth & he is gorgeous!
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Thanks all!  Things are good here.  XOXO

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Congrats! Fabulous birth story and he's a serious cutie!

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