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no luck so far

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Hi , 

My gf and I been trying at home insemination for about 3 months and so far no luck. We are using a friends sperm and are looking for any advice or pointers on having success. She started taking prenatal  vitamins and we are going to try again on her next fertile days coming up in the begining of march. If theres any advice please let me know thanks

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Hi! Come on over to Queer Conceptions February--there are lots of people on that thread that have tons of knowledge about the different things you can try. smile.gif
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I agree you should join us on Queer Conceptions!

How are you tracking ovulation? How many inseminations are you doing each cycle, and how do you time them? I know it doesn't feel like it, but three tries isn't that many. I've read it takes on average 4 to 6 tries. It's easy to get discouraged, but I'm sure it won't be long before you guys are pregnant.

Good luck shamrocksmile.gif and baby dust dust.gif
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I'm going to third the invitation to join Queer Conceptions. It's a wonderful, friendly supportive group of smart and helpful women.  Kgulbransen, the 'lesbodoula' is a wealth of information for sure, and there's always someone to give you a hug or a smile when you need one.  It took me six tries over 18 months to conceive, so don't give up! You've come to the right place for sure xoxo

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