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Cheap, cotton underwear? For a one-year old

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My dd is doing pretty well with ec. So well in fact that I'd love to have her in underwear at least part time (she's 9 months, but big). The problem is I can't find a simple pack of "fruit of the loom" style underwear in her size anywhere! I'm not looking for organic, 15 bucks a shot underpants-- i want to have at least 10 of them and am not interested in shelling out almost 200 bucks (including shipping) for blasted underpants! I looked at all the usual suspects- walmart, sears, etc. and I can't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a source I don't know about?


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I found someone who does custom underwear for like, 65 bucks for ten of them I think. I am on my phone so don't have the link off hand but if you are interested I can look it up and link it for you when I am on the computer. They look super cute too!
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I'm currently sewing trainers for my DS because I didn't want to shell out $20 a pair either!! I am a VERY beginner sewer (as in the last time I sewed something other than buttons it was boxer shorts in grade 8) and the first pair turned out wearable, if not a tad crooked.  You could just do something similar without the soaker if you want undies.  The patten is for "Tinkle Time Trainers".  Not sure if you would even be interested or have a machine, just thought I'd put it out there!

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Thanks guys!


undrznit, I will get that link from you when you have the chance. And Nikki, thanks so much but my sewing is probably where yours is at, but I am not as optimistic about my ability, lol.

I guess big underwear manufacturers don't even bother making underpants for kids under 2-3 years old anymore.

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So... I guess I lied. It's actualy 45 bucks for ten... Even better, right? And the shipping in the US is 4.95 Here is the link... http://hyenacart.com/CrunchyCongo/st/1837/38229/10-pair-custom-sized-undies

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wow! thanks so much-- i will order from them! I am very excited biggrinbounce.gif

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I couldn't even find underwear for my 2 year old!  She was too skinny so the 2 yr old underwear was too big.  I don't know sewing terminology but it was easy to sew little "tucks" in the back to take in some of the material.  I was a skinny kid too and my mom always had to alter my jeans for me because the length and width never matched.

You might give that a try.  You also might be surprised at how close the underwear already comes to fitting.  My DD was like the same width around her waist from about 9 months till 2 years.  They typically grow up at that age not out. 

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