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Looking for midwife in Asheville area

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HI all! I have a dilemma...My husband and I are trying for our second. Our first child was born at Park Ridge Hospital we used New Dawn Midwifery. Overall it was a great experience. A beautiful water birth. A healthy baby girl. This time around we have a different insurance company(a very crappy one) There are no midwives in network..my deductible will be $5000 which I think is a complete rip off if I'm having a natural vaginal birth..So I'm considering a home birth and paying a midwife out of pocket..So the dilemma is I hemorrhaged after delivering my daughter.. I did not have to have a blood transfusion I didn't pass out or have any trouble after wards. My iron was low for awhile I took an iron suppl and at 6wks it was normal..I was given pitocin to stop the hemorrhage and responded well to it. New Dawn told me they would not consider me for a home birth in the future..So I'm asking if anyone knows of any midwives in the area that might consider me for home birth or if any of you had a home birth after hemorrhaging. thanx so much 

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There are some homebirth midwives that deliver in Asheville area. You could check with them to see if they would be willing to work with you.


1.) Karen Benfield of Birth Tenders in Hickory


2.) Look under North Carolina and Marshall for Daycrest Midwifery


3.) You may want to check out http://www.knoxvillehomebirth.com/. I know this is in Knoxville, but this midwife may travel to Asheville.

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Thankyou so much! I just talked today to someone using daycrest it looks promising:)

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A hemorrhage during  a previous birth does not mean that it will happen again. It does warrant a watchfull eye during future  pregnancies and births and is not a reason for many homebirth practices to exclude you from being a canidate for an out of hospital birth. Also, most birth centers that I have worked in (4 so far) also would not exlcude you from an out of hospital birth.

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I just interviewed a lay midwife from Asheville yesterday. PM me if you would like her info.

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I know of a great midwife in that area.. Interested PM me your email and I will pass it along.

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I am a homebirth CNM located near Hickory, and I serve the Asheville area. I see that someone has mentioned me to you, already. I am in contact with a backup doc in Asheville.

Karen Benfield, CNM and owner of BirthTender

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wrong thread!

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Looking for a midwife in Ashville area that is experienced with breech and twin birth.  Please email me at mallierd@gmail.com if you know of someone.  Thank you.

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I'm sure you'll get many wonderful recommendations but just wanted to likewise mention that I am due at the end of the year and have been seeing Sara Rathbone at Maitri Midwifery whom I really like so far. I love her calm demeanour and I have since met several other women who birthed with her and had great experiences. She has a lot of experience and her fees are very reasonable. Oh and she rents out a birthing tub (will do the set up and dismantling) for much less than the other places I looked into.
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