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what to grow in sandy, shady garden?

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We only have one corner of our yard that gets sun for a good part of the day but it still isn't ideal. The soil is very sandy and last year I dug a lot of compost into one patch and tried to grow some tomatoes in it but it didn't go very well. We have a lot of rabbits around and I don't think we can fence in a garden this year.


Before we moved here we had a wonderful vegetable garden and I miss it. Any suggestions on what we might try with less sun and such sandy soil?

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Oh dear - I think this garden is a hopeless case greensad.gif






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Shade tolerant flowers

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Herbs especially mint, and you could probably grow many of the winter crops during summer in that shady area.

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What about a beach plum tree?  Or, cornfield beans.  I'm trying these in a less than ideal spot: http://rareseeds.com/missouri-wonder-pole-bean.html

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Also, tomatoes aren't really the best option for a tough spot.  Don't give up because of tomatoes!  

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You can build raised beds to fix the soil situation, but I'm in the same conundrum with shade!  This year, we're going to try to grow sweet potatoes and some other root veggies back in our shady garden.  We rent beds in the local community garden to grow things that require sunlight.  I thought our yard was hopeless, but a friend just reminded me that root veggies don't need as much sun so we're giving that a go!  Good luck!

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I just came across this tonight, it looks promising.






I second the raised beds.  We use them for our entire garden.  Michigan = sand, sand and more sand!

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When I lived out on the western edge of San Francisco (ie. cold, foggy, windy and nothing but sand) cool weather crops like peas, chard, lettuce and herbs did very well. Especially chard! With tomatoes it may depend on the variety, with some of the Russian and Ukrainian types being more suited to shade (stupice and san francisco fog are two heirlooms that come to mind).

Greens like sand. Maybe you'll have luck with chard, kale, spinich and the like.
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