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Northcentral Wisconsin?

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I just relocated to the Eagle River/Rhinelander, WI area six months ago. If there are any moms who are located in this area and have a pediatrician recommendation, I would appreciate it! Also if there are any recommendations for groups, things to do with kids, etc that would be very welcome as well. It is such a nice, quiet area but quite spread out and small. I haven't run into many moms yet and of course finding other moms who can relate to breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, etc is few and far between here. So any advice or info on northcentral WI would be appreciated!

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Have you found any resources for the rhinelander area?  My hubby just got a job at Nicolet college in Rhinelander and we will be moving to the area next month.  We found a place to rent in Three Lakes.  Let me know,  I would love to  meet up with you.  :)

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I am a trained doula in the process of certification with DONA.  I live in the Eagle River area and am looking to provide free doula service for three births to meet certification requirements.  If you are expecting, or know of someone who is, and would be interested in my service please contact me through this forum or call me at 715-547-6019.  Thanks!

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I might be pregnant and looking for resources for a midwife up here.  Anyone know of any??  I would love to have a doula also.

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I will add that someone recommended Maria Gonzalez in Eagle River for a pediatrician.   I have not gone to her yet, but have heard she is laid back on non-vax.

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