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Our baby finally arrived!

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AND it's a boy!!!


Henry Beckett was born Saturday morning, February 19th at 4:02am.  I was 41w4d.


He weighed 10# 5 oz and 22" long and my biggest noggin yet at 15.75".





Not exactly the dreamy, peaceful repeat birth we were hoping for, but some things are out of our control and with a few strokes of good luck we are all here safe and sound.  Birth story below for those who love details.  :)



I had "early labor" - constant contractions for 2 days!  Starting losing my plug and Friday they were definitely stronger and most constant.   Called my midwife and she had us come in, since her office is right near the hospital.  We were there around 5pm.   She checked me and I was only 1.5cm dilated, still high and noteffaced 100%.    I was very disappointed and dreadfully tired after being up almost the entire night before.   She said that she thought I had too much amniotic fluid for the baby to descend (still not engaged) and that even though I was contracting every 3 minutes, there wasn't enough pressure to open the cervix.

So we went to the hospital for my routine NST which I was due for anyways and my midwife suggested trying a VERY low dose of pitocin to see if that would make the contractions more effective.  My option was that or to wait through the weekend, not sleeping for another 3 nights to see if anything changes and then maybe getting induced next week at 42+ weeks.
So I said OK - even though I HATE pitocin (but it was a really low dose).  I still had to sit on the monitors for 2 hours to make sure the baby was OK with the pit, and at one point the heart rate dropped kind of low (really low) and it became kind of an emergency like people RUSHED into the room and stopped the IV and were kind of freaking out, but he was fine and they restarted it.  It took 3 hours instead of 2 now to finish the monitoring, laying on my back.  At the end of those 3 hours, I was only 2cm.  Ugh.

So I got in the tub and labored there for a while and things picked up.  It was about 1am at this point and I was only a 4cm.  I started to kind of get really depressed, because the contractions were ridiculous (like I had to verbally moan LOUDLY though them) even though the dose was low and I was SO TIRED from not sleeping for 2 nights....I could not find a comfortable position, the tub was small and the contractions were radiating through my hip bones and back and i couldn't find a position to help.


So I asked them to turn the pit off and requested a low dose pain killer, so I got an injection of something (stadol?) and hung out in the tub for a while.  Requesting the pain med made me feel like a failure, having a super easy natural birth previously.  But it did give me just enough peace to calm down between contractions.  I was in the tub for another hour and suddenly ws really hot and needed to GET OUT.   I moved to the bed and was 8cm already and felt pushy so started to practice pushing, it hurt less when pushing and needed to push....got to 10cm and then started pushing for real but during one push my water broke (exploded, all over the room, it was absolutely insane there was a puddle of fluid all over the floor and a table full of birthing equipment, LOL).  But...apparently the baby was being supported by the fluid and he had a double nuchal cord, really tight so when he dropped something happened that made his heartrate drop by 100 beats (from 160s to 50/50) so things took a turn for urgent....they kept having me move into positions to try to get him out, and I vaguely recall my midwife putting her hand inside my vagina to manually lift his head up to relieve the pressure....it was hard to move in the bed, and the contractions were very  long and one after another.  The inserted the fetal heartrate monitor at this point as well.

Anyways, they had people drawing my blood for labwork for a csection and the OBs were called in, the room was full of people and my midwife was trying to be calm.  I felt SO weak, I couldn't push effectively.  I think they start the pitocin again to get my contractions stronger, I was wearing oxygen to help the baby and I started feeling faint.  My midwife had me lay on my back, like sitting up and removed half the bed (like the way an OB delivers a baby on The Baby Story) and I don't know what happened, but I became Super Women  and literally in 2 pushes during one contraction he came FLYING out.  No shoulder issues like previously.  He started screaming right away.

  He was fine and they put him on my lap and we tried to nurse but he was fighting and screaming and carrying on and being pretty much high maintenance like the other 2 boys...but my placenta wouldn't come out.  And my midwife was massaging and pounding on my belly so hard, it's like I've been kicked in the stomach by a street gang. FINALLY after an hour of torture it came out and of course with my bad luck, I totally hemorrhaged afterward and then people were scrambling for IVs and injections to stop the bleeding.  At one point after that, she was massaging my uterus and pressed down and this enormous bucket of blood clots came out, I think it was at this point that my husband needed to lay down and started turning very pale.  Poor guy, he doesn't do well at all in stressful medical situations.

The bleeding stopped, but my poor uterus was massaged all morning which as most of us know, is just so awful.  I coerced my midwife to still let me go home same day, but I was put on bedrest.


I was lucky my water didn't break at home before labor started, and again lucky that I had a very long  and very thick cord.  Henry is doing great, he's a strong nurser and hopefully my milk will be in soon.  The afterpains and cramps are worse than with my second, as expected.  I did end up with 3 stitches, right at a place where I had a scar from the birth of my first.  But considering everything, I think we both made it through pretty unscathed. 

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wow michelle-- what a wild ride. i'm glad you're home and you and henry made it through! he's a cutie...enjoy those sweet snuggles and take it easy as much as you can! congrats!!!

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So happy to read that your birth came out for the best and you are all OK, despite your many scares.  Hope you are all enjoying your time together.  Congrats and happy babymoon!

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congratulations! and horrah for happy endings!

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Hurrah!! Congrats superwoman & I love the name!
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congratulations on your sweet new baby boy! 

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congrats :)

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Sounds a little scary. You are super women! congratulations he is prefect.

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You should get a medal for that head circumference, seriously.  My kids were both like, 14cm and that was plenty for me.


What a wild ride but you sound like everything is in perspective and you have a GREAT sense of humor about the whole thing, despite some of that being pretty stressful and painful!  Go mama!

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Congratulations Mama.  I love the name.

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Congrats, he is absolutely adorable! Also, I love the name Henry! Very glad that everything worked out well in the end and both you and baby are doing well!

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bow.gif that is one BIG baby. you are an amazon warrior, what a birth! congrats!!

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DDCC (early March Mama) - Congrats - he's beautiful!  That does sound scary at times -- but you were a real trooper!  Thanks for sharing your story!

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Way to go Michelle! Perfect name - it goes really well with your other boys' names. Welcome Henry! joy.gif

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Wow what a ride!


Congrats, and he's ADORABLE!!! I love his little fuzzy head of hair.

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Congratulations! He's lush!
Hope your recovering well!
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