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Spotlight of the Week (2-20): Wildnewmama!

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Hi all,


Only two more spotlights before we all go have our babies, so let's make them good!  This week's spotlight is wildnewmama!  Your intro is below: feel free to give us updates and news. And bring on the questions!


EDD: March 26th
* Name: Shawna
* Age: 32
* Location: Montana
* How long it took to you to get your BFP: 1st try
* What number child is this for you: 2nd
* Family: DH, DD-14months, three dogs, 1 cat.
* Baby's gender : Hoping for husband its a boy.
* Names you like: Have a few picked out, thought we had decided, last night found out not so sure.
* Birth plans/preferences: Homebirth with midwife again...or perhaps birth center/water birth

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Shawna, what kind of dogs and cat do have?  What's a typical day like for you?

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Sorry for the delay in joining in my spotlight- I've lost my internet at home and was off for the long weekend.  Thanks for the question.


I actually have four dogs now, two flat-coated retrievers and two shetland sheepdogs.  The cat is a snowshoe siamese.  I share pictures of them at   http://www.flickr.com/photos/spiritkennels


Typical day- Weekday- Get up and get ready for work (my husband is laid off but working on our addition, so he gets our daughter ready for childcare).  I work a computer mapping job for the government.  Come home hang out with dd and dh, maybe get some dog training in.  Have dinner.  Get ready for bed.  Now that I've written it down, SO BORING!!!

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Also we ARE expecting a boy- and quite excited about that- although I have a girl name that I REALLY liked.  Don't know if we will be done or not, I'm kind of ready to enjoy the two and while I have had really easy pregancies it is still a drain on me.

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Those are some sharp looking dogs!


What kind of addition are you building on your house?

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Thanks Banana 731, I'm quite fond of them :)


Oh the addition- which I am really starting to get nervous about finishing in time to start nesting for baby!!We had about 1000 sq ft with 3 beds 1 bath, we are adding on a split level addition to have 5 bedrooms 3 baths and a family room, for a total of 2100 sq ft.  Thank goodness my husband does construction work, we have done a lot for what we are spending.  I thought at first that we could just get by with what we have, but the 1 bathroom has been tough.  Plus my mom comes to visit every weekend so we need to have a spare bedroom.  Of course the interest rates have jumped since we first looked at doing this, so that is kind of a bummer.  I will have my office space/sewing room which will be fantastic.  I am able to work from home, or bring baby with me if I have to go to the office, which is SUPER nice.  I am able to be the kind of mom I want to be and still bring home some money.

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Are you gonna go for the home birth amid the construction, or aim for the birth center?  I remember you contemplating this on another thread, but didn't see if you had decided yet.  Or have you? :)

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The plan as of right now is for the birth center- it's crowded enough with our even more limited space that I don't even want to think about trying for here.  Plus it really is a great birthing center.  Just still not sure what to think about the drive.  Especially since as of right now we are still definitely experiencing winter.  The big thing I'm trying to sort out is plans for dd.  When she was born my parents planned a trip to be here for the birth (my mom was self employed at the time) so it was easy, now my mom lives here, but has a full time job 2 hours away.  I would like her to be at the birth again, but would really like her to watch DD for us.  So the plan is that our friend will take DD until my mom can get here.  My dad actually planned a trip to visit March 4-14, so there is a chance he will be here for the birth again...which would make it super easy because he could be here with DD until my mom could get here.  But we are still hoping for after March 21st, DH wants an aries son like him...especially since we have a gemini daughter like me :)  The funny thing is dd was born on her ultrasound date, 3 days after my birthday, this guy's ultrasound date is 3 days before dh's birthday.

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