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Madeleine Jamison arrived (a few weeks ago)!

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I ended up in the hospital because my protein levels were spiking higher and higher, and my blood pressure was also rising.  Otherwise, I was fine, but it was starting to scare my midwife and I was already 4 days overdue.  I cried over having to go to the hospital, especially when my midwife told me she wasn't going to be able to go with me because she was up the night before vomiting!


However, she had assured me that the backup hospital was the best she'd ever been to, and that she'd try her best to get me the "homebirth" doc (literally, the doc who had her own homebirth!) AND she was going to send her assistant with me (whom I'd met at several appointments and liked).


The doc who happened to be on call when I arrived was a nightmare.  He tried to tell me he was trying to answer my questions but wasn't, and that he was discussing my birthplan while clearly not interested in my birthplan (obviously didn't even look at it until he walked in the room!) unless he had "scientific research" because he "had been a doctor for 20 years" (and felt the need to point to the embroidered name on his coat several times to emphasize this fact).  I finally pointed out I wasn't asking for anything I hadn't had with my other two births, in two other hospitals;  that I had done CURRENT research before making these decisions, and while I wasn't a doctor with 20 years experience, I HAD had two other births.  He didn't think any of that was valid, so finally I said, "Okay, I understand.  Thanks."  He left, and I found out that it's the NURSES, not the doctors in that hospital that have the control...and boy, do they!


The nurses were awesome.  Because of them, I got everything I needed until my midwife (!!) came to support me.   In fact, when the first nightmare doc left, I said to the nurse, "Clearly, he didn't get it.  I just want to know what my options and the timelines are," and SHE said, "We can do X, Y, Z, and blah, blah, blah, and YOU CAN SAY NO!  In fact, if they do ANYTHING you don't want them to do, you can sue!"  I fell in love with that nurse, who introduced me to more nurses like her, and on and on...


When my midwife (!!!) arrived, she explained it was a medical issue that she needed to deal with when she left my side, but she wasn't contagious and could be there, wanted to be there, for me.  My midwife ended up getting the doc she wanted for me, and the birth was awesome!  In fact, the doc told me during labor (the midwife told me...I wasn't listening at that point to anything except my own body) that "This will be your homebirth.  You're just in our home." or something to that affect.  During birth, the doc sang midwifery songs to me, the midwife said. (!!!!)


The labor and birth went very much like my second daughter's (pitocin induction failed, broke my water, which very much worked).  I had a six hour active labor, 1/2 hour of pushing (of which positioning and timing was completely led by me), and even though my DD was 9 lbs, 11 oz (11 oz bigger than the last one) I didn't tear at all!!  I had one tiny scratch on the inside, I was told.  We joked that she was trying to either help claw her way out OR do everything in her power to stay in!


She was super healthy, the examination was delayed for the longest (pissing of NICU, who was there as a back up because of the pre-eclampsia issue) because she was kept in my arms as I asked, they delayed the cord clamping, she wasn't bathed until hours later (more bonding time) ....it was great!


Next time, I won't be so scared to go back to a hospital, but my midwife said she thinks I should definitely try for a homebirth again, that there isn't any reason why I couldn't.  I haven't decided if I want to have a fourth, yet, but it would be fun if I did!


Madeleine Jamison

9 lbs, 11 oz


born 1/26, 4 days past due date

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congratulations! i am happy that everything went so well...and it is wonderful to know that such a great dr. exists!

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congrats :)

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congrats mama! welcome madeleine!


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Wonderful! I had great nurses too. It makes the world of difference. So glad you had the same experience.

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Congrats! Glad you had such a wonderful dr to transfer to!

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Congrats! A good nurse makes a world of difference, doesn't it?

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Congrats!  What a great story with a happy ending!!!

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Wow! So happy to hear that the situation turned around completely. What a difference it makes to have good people in your court!


Congratulations! Welcome Madeleine!

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