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Hey folks with very few/mild symptoms...

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Just looking for some reassurance even though you would think I know my body by my fourth pregnancy :)  I am about 10 weeks.  I am definitely not complaining and feel for all of you who are so sick.   I haven't had morning sickness/nauseau with any of my pregnancies and about the only symptoms I have are fatigue, harder to exercise, and crabbiness....Anyone else out there with very few symptoms?  Thanks!

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I've never had m/s in any of my pregnancies.  This is my 6th. I have been a bit nauseous, but it's usually if I'm hungry and need to eat.  I'm tired and am thirsty.  That's about it.  My boobs aren't sore either.  But, I saw the baby on Tuesday and I'm now 10 1/2 weeks, so I'm pretty sure everything's fine. :)  Also, I miscarried in October at 10 1/2 weeks as well.  hug2.gif

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I'm certainly having nausea as well as the exhaustion and other symptoms you mentioned, but it's funny, as I read your post I think about how  it might be harder for me to take care of myself if I wasn't having the nausea-- it's one of those things that I, and the people around me, universally recognize and respect as a problem that deserves some sort of priority. If I wasn't nauseated, I might have trouble sort of "taking" the caretaking I need, from myself and my family. I wonder what that's about, like "just" being tired isn't enough??


I envy you your body-knowledge from four pregnancies, as i feel like I am just barely getting the hang of things on my third! I hope your pregnancy continues smoothly, and that you get to hear a heartbeat soon! 

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Thank you so much Earthlady and snanna!  I take comfort from both of your posts.


Earthlady..I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a hard thing! Congrats on seeing a healthy baby and moving past the date of your loss!  oh and also...my boobs are not sore either...bigger, but not sore.


snanna...I am lucky to have a husband that understands the fatigue but in the larger community..you are right...being sick would be much more acceptible..and would allow me to take more time for self care...  I hope you start feeling better!


I saw a healthy baby at 8.5 weeks and am looking forward to an appt this week to hopefully hear the heartbeat with a doppler.   I will be past the point of my mc and hopefully will bring some peace and comfort!


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I have very few pregnancy symptoms with any of my pregnancies. I'm 10 weeks along with my 5th pregnancy right now, and am just starting to need a bigger bra, and feel tender. Also I get a yucky tummy around certain smells, but not to the point of losing my lunch. After losing my 4th baby at 8 1/2 weeks, I'm just really happy with anything that makes me feel pregnant.

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I never have very many typical pregnancy symptoms. No nausea, no major fatigue (no more than come with my innate insomnia and early rising 4 year old) no boob growth or soreness, none of that. I get odd stuff, like greasy hair and the horrible bloodhound nose that makes the world stink, but doesn't make me sick at my stomach.

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Hey everyone! 


I am one with very few symptoms as well.  Boobs were sore at the beginning but that has mostly tapered off.  Definitely tired, but as everyone agrees, its the one symptom thats not as accepted... even though its the main one I have. I haven't had any morning sickness at all... which my mom said she was the same with me (her first pregnancy) (Is this genetic?) I am so grateful! But sometimes I secretly wish for "something" a little nausea just to make me remember Im preggo.  Eh, I don't mean I forget, but you all know what I mean, right? 


Im just trying to connect with our baby in still moments--to feel the little one in there, even though he or she isn't making themselves known in the "typical " ways. 

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I hear you mamareba..I wish I had some more typical symptoms just every once and awhile...and I also try to spend quiet time connecting..


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I'm with you all on the lack of symptoms.  I occasionally get a little nausea (but no vomitting), and I am TIRED a lot.  My boobs are bigger (not a full cup size though, just enough to be noticable), but not sore anymore.  I haven't seen or heard the heartbeat yet, so I'm very paranoid that the lack of symptoms is a bad sign.  This is my first pregnancy, so I guess I just expected to FEEL different, but most days I don't. 

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ValH-if it makes you feel any better I had almost zero symptoms with my first..even less than my very mild symptoms with my following pregnancies.... 

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Thanks mama2eb!  I've heard that from a few other ladies, too, so I'm trying to keep that in mind and have confidence that everything is okay.  And it seems that quite a few of us have mild symptoms... so the "strength in numbers" is really helping.  :)

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Mild symptoms here too.  Just need more rest and I do get more irritable easily when needing sleep.  Drinking lots of H2O and no sugars or junk or caffine, just eating very whole foods.  Not sure if diet plus genetics has anything to do with it.  Besides looking at the belly and boobs, I feel pretty normal.  Don't fret, everyone is different.

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I have very mild symptoms too. . . however u/s almost two weeks ago showed a healthy baby measured 8 weeks 4 days heart beating away!  I still get a bit paranoid, and will feel better when I have my next u/s on the 14th! 

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Still very few symptoms here but starting to pop up and the NP picked up the heartbeat with a doppler last week at 10 weeks, 2 days...relief :)

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Hey there.


I know how you are feeling, I had a miscarriage scare and ever since then have been paraniod because my only real symptom has been sore breasts and very very mild nausea.


Im around 10-12 weeks (first non-er appt monday and will know for sure) and just finally had my first full on morning sickness puke today and was so happy about it that I ended up laughing the entire time...it was a bit unsettling for the hubby to witness lol!!


I know I should be grateful that Im getting it easy but I really do wish I felt more pregnant.



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