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Had my baby!!! My long and unintentionally medicalized birth story. Updated with name & pic!

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So my water broke early Saturday morning at 3:10am. My midwife came by at 11 and checked me out, nothing going on. She explained that their protocol is to induce labour by 12-18 hrs after PROM if no contractions have started. I wasn't crazy about that idea but agreed to just see how it went. I did some nipple stimulation and ctx started at 1. They were about 5 mins apart. Uncomfortable, but not painful. By 4 they had increased slightly in frequency and were a little more uncomfortable. Called her back, told her I would have a bite of dinner & meet her at the hospital after. I wanted to labour there so she could see how far along I was getting and also so that I didn't have two other kids jumping all over me.


Met her at the hospital at 6:30 and was delighted to find out I was 3cm! My other 2 labours were very long in the early stages, so I was happy to find out I was already that much & thinking & hoping things would move along quickly. So did some walking around the halls, a little rest, she checked me 4 hrs later and I was only 4cm but ctx still seemed to be frequent and productive. Had a shower (which was AWESOME) came back in the room & rested & ctx slowed way down again, less than every 5 mins greensad.gif Did some more walking, some nipple stimulation & mw did some accupressure which was way painful. Ctx picked up with that, she checked me again at 12:30am, still 4cm. More walking, so exhausted. More nipple stimulation, couldn`t take it anymore, it was so difficult to put up with that. Went on for 2 more hours, still 4cm so we agreed on augmenting with Pitocin. Induction meant transferring care to and OB which I was afraid of but the drs were very nice, hardly came in at all & worked very well with the midwife, as did the nurses assigned to the dr. They were all amazing, actually.


They started the Pit on the lowest possible dose & the ctx became so unbearable. They had to increase it gradually as even though they were very painful to me, they weren`t strong enough according to the monitor. So still on a low dose, 3hrs later, 5:30am I was only at 5cm. I couldn`t take the pain anymore. Such excruciating back labour. Took a shot of Nubain (like Demerol) that did nothing. I seriously couldn`t handle it and I wasn`t expecting that. My all natural labour with dd wasn`t that painful. I couldn`t relax, couldn`t breathe through the ctx. Asked dh what he thought of me getting an epidural. He said ``go for it` so I got one at 6:30am. It felt so amazing. I slept for the first time in 27 hrs (also the previous 2 nights I had gotten 9hrs sleep combined). Dh and MIL slept as well. When I woke up I was 8cmorngbiggrin.gif


I rested for the next while, since I couldn`t get out of bed anyway and was still quite tired, til I was 10cm. I hung out at that point for an hour to let the contractions do their work of bringing baby down. I started to feel a lot of pressure so did some deep slow breathing to bring baby down as well. At 11am the nurses & midwife recommended I do some active pushing to see if baby would come down some more. I pushed (without a whole lot of effort of trouble) for an hour and our new sweet son was born at 12:04pm today- Sunday Feb 20 weighing 8lbs 1oz, and 21.5in long. Left the cord attached for 25 mins til it stopped pulsing. He was quiet and sleepy when born but snuggly and had great apgars. Started nursing about 45 mins later. We are overwhelmed with love for him. Total 23 hrs labour and 33 hrs from PROM to birth.


I thought this labour would go easily and naturally like my 2nd but it turned out more like my first with the pit drip & epidural. However when deciding to get the epi, I figured I had 3 options. Carry on the way I was going, which was going to exhaust me and put me over my mental edge, go with the epi & risk any possible complications but get some rest and hopefully be able to push out my baby, or be stuck at 4-5cm and risk having the dr suggest or insist on a c-section. I figured I chose the best of the 3 least ideal situations. After he was born the midwives figured he had been in a less than optimal position and that`s why the slow labour- posterior, head in my right hip, coming down faster than I was dilating and getting stuck in the cervix.


So althought it wasn`t what I was expecting and not what I would have chosen, I am happy with the decisions we made, happy our midwife was our primary caregiver even though technically we had been transferred to an OB (a stranger to us) and so so so happy with the outcome.


Will post some pics and hopefully a name in a day or 2. Right now I`m so sore & tired & committing myself to bed to heal.


Kennedy Marvin Lee


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And that doesn't sound horribly medicalized, to me. ;)

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Congratulations!  And it sounds a lot like my first birth, so I get the medicalized feeling.  hug2.gif So glad that your baby is here safe and sound though!


(Now pass along the the labour vibes....)

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Congrats mama!! I would have done the same thing!
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congratulations! hope you are in bed snuggled up with the little one now.

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congrats mama! sorry it wasn't as you'd wanted...I hope you're healing nicely in bed with your little one! 

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congratulations! sounds like a good medicalized birth. So glad everything went as well as it did!

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Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the name and see some pics. I'm sorry it didn't go the way you'd hoped but I think that your decision illustrates what epidurals are meant for - if it allows you some rest and avoids a cesarean, that's a pretty good thing.


I didn't realise that in Ontario you'd have to transfer care for an epidural - I'm surprised actually.


How are the big kids enjoying little brother???

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love that name and beautiful man! congrats! hope you're still resting!

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I agree with bluebirdmama - you used an epi for the exact thing is was meant for!  You have nothing to apologize for.


Your son is gorgeous and I hope your babymoon is going great!

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Congratulations Mama.

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My 3rd birth was a lot like that. I never felt bad about getting the epi either. It was a godsend in our situation and allowed me to relax enough to dilate from 5/6 cm (where I'd been for hours) to 10 cm in 20 minutes.  It sounds like yours did exactly what you needed it to do. Congrats on your beautiful baby!!!

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Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif

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Thanks everyone for you kind wishes and support. My 2 older kids are loving their baby brother, they can't get enough of him. I am still resting and so happy to have dh home til next monday and MIL here for the rest of the week. I am loving snuggling up in bed with this guy. The constant nursing is very tiring but hoping once my milk gets in we'll settle into more of a rhythm.

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Congrats, he's adorable! It wasn't the birth you wanted, but I agree that it was the best of the available options! hug2.gif

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Congrats mama!!  He's beautiful and I love the name!


your birth story sounds so similar to mine as well - not what we had planned either but I think I'm at peace with it.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Congrats Mama!  He's adorable...thanks for sharing your story and the thinking behind your decisions...sounds like you made wise choices...enjoy your babymoon!

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