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Current Cosleeping Mommas...

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If you are currently cosleeping with a LO, what are your plans for when the new babe comes along? Will you transition out of the bed soon? If so, to a bed in the same room, or their own room? Anyone have experience with this?


We have cosleep with  DS since the day he came home. He took a total of one nap every in a crib. DS is 18 months and naps in his own toddler bed in our bedroom, but at night sleeps with us in our bed. He's starting to roll and bed hog already, and frankly, I would like to try and get him into his own bed for at least some/most of the night.


I am planning on night weaning in about 2 weeks after he finishes with these last teeth busting through. Then will most likely see how sleep goes continues from there on. Then most likely come the early summer I think we will work on really getting him to sleep as full time in his own bed as we can.


What I am unsure of is putting him in his own room. I am afraid that will be pushing him too much and we'll suffer regressions in our sleep accomplishments and that would seriously stink for us all. But on the other hand, I am nervous about if we allow him to sleep in our room(on his own bed) and we cosleep with the new baby will DS constantly be woken up by the baby cries? I am thinking this over and over, and just can't figure out what to do!


Any suggestions, ideas,  or tales of experience welcome!

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We put our DD's bed perpendicular at the bottom of our bed, so that she still felt close.She really enjoyed sprawling out in her own bed. We don't have much space in our room, but it worked really well. Then, when she was teething or having a bad night, I could sleep with my head at the end of my bed and hold her hand without having to go to another room. We have now transitioned her into her own room. Most nights she stays in her room, so it is working, and we have many more months for her to really get used to her new room.

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we live in a tiny apartment (550sf, 2 rooms) and currently DS(6) sleeps on a floor mattress which we store under our bed during the day, and DD(21m) sleeps with us and still night nurses some. I am hoping that around her 2nd birthday (late April) I can transition DD to a small floor mat next to me, and then if/when she stops night nursing (hoping she does on her own relatively soon!) I will try to get her to sleep next to brother.


We'll all 5 of us be in a room together. Don't anticipate being able to move to a bigger place until the new baby is about 8-10mo unless something magical happens with DH's work situation, since this pregnancy pretty much rules out me working next year. So, I just hope s/he is not a night-screamer! (the other two weren't... but maybe I'll get my comeuppance... sigh). We are currently making a daybed/couch in the LR, so in a pinch someone could sleep there.


We transitioned DS into his own bed years before DD was born, but right until a few weeks before the birth, he still frequently climbed in with us. I was so relieved that he stopped doing that right in time.

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We're planning on getting dd to sleep in a different room.  I think she's ready, though I never anticipated it being this soon.  She sleeps through the night most nights.  I'm just waiting for ambition to strike....ha maybe in the 2nd trimester, then we'll move her!

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My 2yo son has slept with us on and off full-time or part-time for his whole life, but in the last few weeks we moved him to his own toddler bed in his own room.  Before that, he refused to sleep anywhere but our bed for months.  Now, he does fall asleep in his bed (and actually is really excited to have his own bed), but comes to our room part way through the night.  I'm hoping we can figure out a way to help him STTN or at least fall back asleep on his own before the new baby comes.  I'm not sure how we'll do it, but I'd really like to only have 1 nightwaker at a time.


To the OP, I would probably work on getting him to sleep in his toddler bed at night, like he does for naps, first, and then move him to his own room.   I have the same worries as you about my DS and the new baby waking each other up all night long.

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We've got 3 kids already, and live in a 2br apartment.  My youngest son (turning 3 in April), has had a twin bed next to our bed all this time, but just this weekend we decided there simply wouldn't be room for him AND a baby in our bedroom, and now would be the best time to work on transitioning.  So we moved our bedroom to the smaller 2nd bedroom, and put all 3 of our kids in the master bedroom.  So far, DS has come into our bed once a night when he wakes up, but last night DH was able to go lay him back in his bed, and stay with him for just a couple minutes, and he stayed in his own bed until morning. 


In the past, we had our 2nd child co-sleeping on the floor next to our bed when he was 2 years old and became pregnant again.  At that point we decided to move him in with his sister.  That was a rougher time - he may have been a little unready for it, and we had to work hard to keep him in his room at bedtime.  But eventually, he got used to it.  The strange thing was that both he and our daughter started squeezing into bed with us however they could in the early morning hours.  It was just not going to work with a baby in there, too.  So, we got our hands on another twin mattress and cheap frame, and put it next to ours.  Then, when they came in, they had a designated spot to be, and stopped squeezing into our bed and threatening the space where the baby would be.  That set-up lasted a good 18 months before we moved and decided not to keep the extra twin bed in our room.  It only took a few nights before those two stopped joining us in our bed. 


Since DS will be 3 1/2 years old when this baby is born, and has two older siblings to share a room with, I'm hoping to see him either start staying in his own bed all night, or hop in bed with big sister or big brother if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  I'm not positive it will happen, but that's my hope.  He has his same bed he's been using in our room, it's just in a new spot, and he seems really happy to be with the big kids.

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 We have 2 in our bed right now(4yo and 1 yo) and I am working on gently transitioning them now. They have a bed in their room that is big enough for me to sleep on with them, so I start out the night co-sleeping then head to my bed after I wake up in the middle of the night lol.The goal is to have them able to fall asleep on their own in there by Sept. Co sleeping with a toddler and a newborn has been fine for me in the past. Brian gets his half of the bed, the toddler sleeps against my back and the baby is in the crook of my arm. Sometimes there is even a 6yo who likes to crawl in there and sleep across my legs which is none too comfortable but oh so sweet lol.

  Good luck with however you do it. I know it is cliche but it is so true that these sweet moments are grown out of too fast!(says the very emotional mama)

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when I was pg with dd we bought a Kingsize bed!!!!! when she was born (the mat and box are on the floor and pushed into the wall) hubby on the outside then our 2 year old, me and baby by the wall...we used a cosleeper that lays on top of the bed for dd.


fro ds i tried side carring his crib for a while, but neither of us liked it..


ds has a double bed in his own room now and he likes to sleep there as long as mom or dad is with him.


when #3 gets here...we might just get ds a single and put it in our room.

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We've been sleeping with dd between us since the day she was born!  But, in hopes of sanity all around, we just bought her a toddler bed off Craigslist.  We let her choose it, she came to 'buy' it, she helped put it together, she picked out new sheets and a duvet.  We've put it beside our bed (I would rather have a single, or twin, but we don't have the room) and she's very excited to go to sleep in it.  I still nurse her to sleep, so the downside is that I crawl in that little thing with her for stories and nursing.  The upside is that she spends a good portion of each night in her bed.  She goes to bed about 930pm and stays in her bed until 4 or 5 most days.  I hope she'll be in it full time or close to it by the time the baby comes! 

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Well, right now we have a huge family bed. We have 2 queen size beds pushed together. My plan is to buy another bed (king size) and put it on the other side of the room (we have a huge bedroom) that way when the new baby comes I will be in the new bed with him/her and  dh and the 3 girls can sleep on the 2 queen beds ;) I would like to get the new bed at the begining of the summer to start the transition.



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I am jealous of all you Mommas with HUGE bedrooms. We have an antique house with bedrooms on the smaller side; and a master that is a very odd shape so we'll have to get creative if we want to put anything bigger than the toddler bed in there. We might be able to fit a single... I am thinking this over and over..


For those of you who did have a family bedroom in the past was the newborns cries when waking an issue? Did it wake up your older child?

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Our bedroom is literally wall to wall bed. We have a twin next to our king. DD starts the night in the twin and crawls in next to me around 1am every night. We will work on night weaning her in the next few weeks and keeping her in her own bed for the whole night. I'm hoping we can get to a point where she'll stay in there till around 7am before coming in the big bed for snuggles. We are usually up between 7:30 and 8 every morning. I'm just glad we have months to work this out!

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It did not seem to bother my son much at all... He was 2 1/2 when dd was born..
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DD2 (will be 3 in April) still sleeps in our room, but has been in her own crib next to my side of the bed for about a year now. Some time this summer we will purchase bunk beds and room her in with her 5 year old sister. Hoping to do this well before the new baby arrives, so she won't feel like she is being sent away because of the new addition. I can only imagine the mayhem that will ensue with the three year old and the five year old "sleeping" in the same room lol. rolleyes.gif

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DS (4yo) is still in bed with us most nights. This might be partly because we end up using his bed (next to ours) as the clean laundry dumping location ...


We will need to figure this out, probably over the summer. Two adults, a sprawly kid and a baby will not fit easily on a Queen. My guess is that we will get DS sleeping in his bed and also get a crib. We didn't use a crib for DS, but I think we will try a crib in our room for this babe and see how it goes.

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Our 18mo DD has been in our bed since day one.  We tried a sidecar when she was small, and we tried a small port-a-crib about three feet away from our bed, but she didn't like either of those.  (I think because she could hear us sleeping snoring and couldn't get to us.)  We went for a child-free night on Valentine's Day -- the first time since her birth -- and decided to encourage her to begin sleeping some in the crib set up in her sister's room.  The first few nights, she did great -- slept five hours or so before crying to come back to our bed.  Each day, though, she sleeps in that crib less and less.  We always rock her to sleep, but tonight, no matter how deeply she seemed to be sleeping, she'd stand and cry each and every time my husband would lay her down in that crib.  He gave up and she's sleeping in our bed right now.


I really do hope to move her soon.  I love cosleeping, but our DD is a BED HOG.  No matter how many times we turn her, she always sleeps sideways across our king-sized bed.  I'm hopeful and anticipating a very long, very hot, very uncomfortable pregnancy and I'd really rather not have some little toddler kicking me in the face all night long -- I don't care how cute she is.  :)

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both my kiddos sleep sideways...lol we end up with their legs on top of our faces alot!!


so glad we bought a king size before dd was born!!


when the new baby gets here dh will probably sleep with the 2 kids in the king size and I will sleep with the baby in the double....


it is nice-dd is 18mos and big enough to sleep next to big brother, who is a super cuddler....love to see them cuddled up at night!


Originally Posted by famille_huggins View Post

 I love cosleeping, but our DD is a BED HOG.  No matter how many times we turn her, she always sleeps sideways across our king-sized bed.  I'm hopeful and anticipating a very long, very hot, very uncomfortable pregnancy and I'd really rather not have some little toddler kicking me in the face all night long -- I don't care how cute she is.  :)

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It is so good to read all your replies. We are co-sleeping and I'm still night nursing. I have been wondering how we are going to work with this, since we will have a 19m old when the new one arrives. We are adding a small room onto our small cabin for a bed and a little playroom and it will be 8 feet wide. We are going to put the platform bed a few inches above the ground and next to it we will make a soft bed/cushion right on the ground and hopefully the now 11m old will start sleeping there most of the night before the little one arrives.


The 11month old is really getting to be a bed hog, rolling around and I'm finding I am waking up to feet in my face much too often. He might be happier in his own pseudo space.


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Well, this is the this will be the 4th time moving a little one out of the bed for the baby and it has usually worked well. I do it when I'm about 8 months pregnant and weaning them (usually 8 months because I get too claustrophobic at that time already being invaded in utero). We get them all excited to get to sleep in their own big boy/girl bed in the boys/girls room a few days before the move. I do have to sorta lay on their toddler bed until they fall asleep for a couple weeks, but then it's all good. Most of them were super excited, except for the last little guy. He does still make some appearances in our room, maybe three times a month. But the other nights he will even put himself to bed if he's tired early. Hope that helps.

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We cosleep with our two year old.  Well, we transitioned to a separate bed but it's still next to our bed.  DH swears with this one on the way, there is no more room in our bed for another child.  It's a bone of contention with us but I'm trying not to think about it now.  I figure I have enough to worry about before then.  So far the sleeping arrangements work for me so I'm not to concerned.  I know this may/will change as the pregnancy progresses and when the baby comes.

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