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What Do You Do With the Milk Jugs?

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Seriously. I can't run without clutching my chest. It's hard to bike because every bump is painful. It's hard to do anything active. Sometimes I think I should wrap myself tightly with an Ace bandage to do anything.


Yes, I mostly own nursing bras, but I tried buying a Champion? I think it was? sports bra, and it doesn't really seem like it helps any more than the rest of my bras. I do have a slew of Victoria's Secret bras that are all probably approaching 10 years old, but none of them have actually fit since before my first pregnancy... (almost 4 years ago now.) It seemed like they were actually substantial and supportive, unlike these things which are all a thin layer of cloth.


I really don't have the money to buy a bunch of expensive bras, though, certainly not for boobs that change in size practically one day to the next. I also have the added complication of struggling with systemic candida yeast, so I do have to wear a new bra every day, but I think if I could invest in two good, reasonably priced bras for active times I should be good.


What works?

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I would definitely invest the time and money in one or two good sports bras. I like Berli Sports. You could also try wearing two bras or wearing a firm fitting crop top over a bra.


I am an H cup and I find breastfeeding bras offer no support for activity more vigorous than walking. If I run for the phone I have to clutch my bosoms!

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I am a D (DD when nursing) cup and love my Under Armour bras.  I can run, jump or do anything in them.  Champion bras do not do it for me.  I've heard good things about Enell, but I know they are pricey.  The UA, bras, I can usually find on sale for around $30 each.  They generally retail for $45-50. 


A good sports bra is essential, I think to comfortably exercising. 

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I've had good luck with using 2 compression sports bras in a pinch ... they are more supportive if you buy them a couple sizes too small!  Or invest in one good bra.  I have a Moving Comfort brand, Fiona style sports bra (here's a link to what it looks like: http://www.movingcomfort.com/dyn_prod.php?p=350003&gclid=CIyLxuHhmacCFYrt7QodMA_bbQ) and it has been GREAT.  However, I have to wear it inside out in order to reduce chaffing.  This provided absolutely no jiggle when I was a 40DD and nursing. 

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A thought about chafing.  Body Glide is an amazing product that has virtually eliminated chafing (when I remember to use it).  It has gotten me through a full marathon as well as a host of very long runs.

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I never remember to pick up Body Glide when I'm at the running store!  Would it work on the velcro chafing of the bra?  I've used samples of it and liked it, but so far I've not had much need for it, even in the 2 marathons I've run in (only minor irritation in a couple spots ... other than the bra!).

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I've always had a small frame and large breasts.  It's so important to have a properly fitting bra especially when exercising.  Typical retail stores in the US do not carry my size (32F), unless they are a specialty shop, so I have to buy everything online. 

Take a look at barenecessities.com.  They sometimes offer free shipping both ways which is so helpful because trying on is critical.  I have two high impact bras from there and they aren't pretty but they do what they're supposed to. 

Althleta.com also has some exercise bra offerings in low, medium, and high impact varities but only up to DD cup. 

Titlenine.com is the third place I'd suggest you take a look. 

Remember, you need to know what your actual size is so you can get a bra that will do the work that it's supposed to.  You may want to get fitted at a specialty shop first, if there are any near enough to you. 

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i have a sports bra from Title Nine that i love.  i always used to have to wear 2 bras while exercising, but the T9 does the trick for me!  I'm a DD.

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Thanks so much, ladies!! This gives me a lot of options to look into, knowing they've been put to the test. I wish I didn't know my husband is going to hit the roof when he hears how much they cost irked.gif I wish he could understand how important it is. eyesroll.gif

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I love my Enell sports bra.  I am a 32 DD, and Enell eliminates any bouncing.  Even while I am nursing.  Running, even step aerobics, I literally have zero breast movement.  It is a compression bra, so it took a little getting used to.


Down side is the price.  I only have one, because it was $62.00.  I hand wash it daily, and hang it up to dry.  Other down side .... it is not flattering at all.  Makes you look totally flat chested.

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I'd go to target and get a couple of the $15 champion compression bras.  double them up and see if that works.  It's probably the cheapest option and while I don't have huge breasts (I'm a 36 D atm), their compression bras seem to work WAY better than the regular sports bras I have (which I feel like I need to double up).  I use the compression bras one at a time (don't double them) but I imagine if you needed more support, doubling it would work extremely well. 


ETA... strike that... go to target and TRY THEM ON doubled... then do some jumping jacks (in the changing room) and see how it feels.

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Another vote for Title 9 - prebaby, I used the frog bra and now I just got something else with velcro adjusting straps - - if I'd had this when I was nursing a lot...  but, still great for the post milk jiggles.

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I have this problem too, so I went to an outlet mall and tried every single sports store. Lulemon was a total joke, super expensive and even they're largest size was laughably small on me. But then I found one for only $15 on clearance at Nike and it was awesome! I think the most expensive ( not on clearance) ones were only like $30, so not too bad. I have Only jogged in it once but it worked great and it also works great at yoga class.
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I have an Enell sports bra, expensive but best money I ever spent!

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